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Coughing Fits = Pulled Muscle

I've been so sick this week.  The sickest I've been in years.  I was diagnosed with a severe sinus infection on Tuesday.  I saw my GP who sent me home with a z-pack and was told I would feel better in a couple of days.  Here I am a few  days later and I still do not feel any better. 

I keep having these horrible coughing fits and the one this morning has caused a major pulled muscle in my stomach right where Jacobs feet are located.  With each kick, push, cough, or sneeze I find myself in tears.  Any suggestions as to what I can do to help reduce some of my discomfort.   

I've been in bed for days and have yet to buy a single X-mas gift Crying I only came into work today because if I didn't I would lose out on my holiday pay next week.

I'm going to see the doctor again today when I get off of work but I know they are going to tell me there is nothing they can do for me :( 

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Re: Coughing Fits = Pulled Muscle

  • if your coughing doesn't seem producitve (i.e. nothing is coming up)... try breathing out before coughing... this helped me (I had a cold in 1st tri where I think I pulled a muscle a bit too).  I wasn't being kicked really yet, though
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  • Oh no! Sorry you are feeling poorly. I really hope you feel better so, but I doubt there is much the doc can do :( I suggest bed, hot liquids, and someone to wait on you hand and foot :)

    As for feeling badly about no Christmas presents, I suggest Internet shopping, gift cards at the drug store on the way home, a list for your DH to get them for you, or just telling yourself that it will just not happen this year.  Instead of gifts, you are getting yourself, your DH, and family a baby!!

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  • I've been coughing violently for about a week now.  It is SO annoying; I couldn't imagine having a pulled stomach muscle on top of it. I've been taking Robitussin DM, chomping on Halls, drinking a ton of water, sipping on hot tea, etc....but what finally gave me some relief last night was gargling with warm salt water.  It was disgusting, but allowed me to sleep a few hours. 

    Hope you feel better soon, hun.

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  • I'm sorry you feel so bad: try gargling with warm salt water, neti pot, lots and lots of warm/hot liquids, steamy shower, and try a warm pack to the sore spot on your belly. I'm another vote for gift cards!! They are so easy and most come with little cute envelopes; no wrapping required! Feel better!!
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  • Yikes!  Sorry you are feeling so awful!! I second the neti pot idea.  I've used one for years due to my seasonal allergies -- and it's been a lifesaver for me during this pg. when my congestion grew way worse.

    It's okay to take care of yourself and baby first, before worrying about Christmas gifts.  I'm SURE no one will complain about getting their gifts a bit later (and if they do, just tell them that you are helping the Christmas joy last that much longer!)

     T&Ps that you'll feel better VERY soon!! 

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  • I had this too, but I'm still in my first tri.  It's been a month and my muscle isn't better.  I don't know if they can do a lot for you, but a heating pad on the muscle was okayed by my doc (so check with yours), as well as an icy-hot patch.  It's only topical relief, but it helps.  Also, if you're still coughing, hold a pillow tightly against the area that hurts when you cough.  It helps keep it still.

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