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What would you do? Opinions please!

The practice i go to has 3 doctors and their rule is you have to see each doctor at least 2  during your pregnancy so they are familiar with your pregnancy, i am fine with that i have met all 3 and like them all, however I'am more comfortable with the female doctor, she is very nice and calming.  However there is one nurse there that usually works for the male doctors  and I just dont like her, she has no personality and she just un nerves me for some reason.  Even when my Mom and husband have went with me they have made comments before i even said anything. At my last four appoiments, she had been my nurse 3 times. each time she had taken my blood pressure it is high. In October one of the other nurses came in and talked to me and took my bp and it had came down since the nurse i dont care for had taken it. yesterday it was up and she took it 2 times, each time she had trouble getting the cuff on my arm, telling me that my arm was too small. well my numbers were high so the doctor  put be on bp medicine and sent me to ob to be mointered for a while, at which time my bp had went down and was normal.  They doctor asked me why my bp was up this time and i wanted to say Because i dont like your nurse and for some reason she makes me uncomfortable and nervous. but i just said i dont know.  now i dont know if my bp is from dealing with her and i do get nervous anytime i go to a doctor,  but its just odd that everytime i have went and it was high she was my nurse. My question is, do i tell the doctor i dont care for her? i hate to get anyone in trouble but then again maybe no one has ever spoke up, what would you all do?

Re: What would you do? Opinions please!

  • I also don't care for 1 nurse at my practice (I had to meet them all too) but I know she works everyday except Monday. Guess when I schedule my appointments for. Took the first 8 weeks to figure it out but glad I did early. I never had elevated bp but I just didn't like her. She was rude and I felt like she was trying to make me feel bad without actually saying the mean words. For instance one time she said "you haven't gained anything yet, but that's normal for larger woman. To me that sounded like do you even care about this baby you fat .... She would say things like that everytime I seen her.
  • I would tell the dr. You need to find out why it's high. If it's just because she is taking your vitals and stresses you out then you don't need the medication and shouldn't be taking it. 
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  • I would tell them. She probably wont get into trouble, some peoples personality's just dont mesh well. Also, remember that they work for you so you should be comfortable with who is taking care of you.
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  • You're not saying why you "don't care for her"... from this post, it doesn't sound like she's doing anything wrong.  I wouldn't mention my dislike for her to your Dr... what does he/she care if you personally don't care for her?  You could just say you were stressed and that's why your BP was high.  I think it's a little silly to feel so strongly about someone who's just taking your vitals anyway, unless they are saying or doing something to make you uncomfortable.
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  • She has a rude tone when she does speak, she acted like it was my fault yesterday my arm was too small for the bp cuff and she just has a way of saying things that just makes me feel like i'm doing something wrong. the first time she was my nurse she shoved a paper in my face about testing and said here you need to sign this, i asked what it was for and she sighed and said it was  a blood test to see if our baby may be born deformed. then she said you have to do it now you cant wait and i asked what all it covered disease wise and instead of saying it checks for spina bifida and other things she whipped it out of my hand and said if you dont want to thats fine and left.   she has also made a crack about my age, my 20wk ultrasound showed low lying placenta and when she gave me the order for another ultrasound she said but that is common in women as old as you. which my ultrasound turned out just fine, the placenta moved.  i'm not necessarily saying its all her fault,  i do get nervous when i go to the doctor, she just  un nerves me for some reason and that does not help. 

  • Thanks for your opinions ladies, i dont want to get anyone in trouble, the old ,me would have just fired something right out about her comment, but seems like the longer i'm pregnant the more my spunk shrinks. i've always just let things slide right off my back, i know it takes all kinds of people in this world but anymore i can cry for the dumbest things and take things the wrong way,  heck, i cry everytime they show the Carters commerical! 
  • I would say something. You don't have to get her in trouble, just say that you feel uncomfortable around her and you aren't sure why, and ask if it's possible to get another nurse when you come in.

    You pay the Dr LOTS of money during all this, and their job is to keep you and the baby healthy. Period. And you definitely shouldn't have to take any meds if they aren't necessary. Your health is #1.

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  • I'd mention it, but try to be as diplomatic as possible.
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  • Yes, you should definitely tell the doctor! For one thing, you don't want to take any medication that you don't need.

    My husband and I actually had a similar discussion last week, because the nursing staff at my OB's office is very disorganized. I actually considered switching doctors, because the nurses are such a mess (they've screwed up my bloodwork multiple times). I really, really like the doctors though, so I decided not to switch. I did consider calling the doctor to tell him about my experience though, because I think it's important for the doctor to know that his nurses might be costing him patients (and money). In fact, last night I specifically requested a different nurse for my bloodwork, because I was still bruised from the last time that nurse drew my blood.

    I don't think it's inappropriate at all  to tell the doctor that you're not impressed with that nurse.

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  • Speak up.  I'm am very sensitive to people and that can have a huge affect on my BP and others things at the office.  There is one nurse that I saw twice and have vowed to ask for a different one if I get her again, because, like you, she gets my ire up and I can't relax.  Even my friend who came with me to the first appt. didn't like her, so it is not just me.  I also spoke up that I didn't like a particular doctor that much (in a practice of 8), and they put a note in my file so that I won't have to see him again unless it is an emergency.  It is ridiculous that you might end up taking BP medication you don't need because one lady upsets you at the office.  You have to be your own advocate.  This is your health and the health of your baby on the line, so don't be afraid to tell the truth.  Especially since once you say something, you'll never have to see that nurse again.  :-)  Good luck!
  • Update, went to doc yesterday and the nurse i dont care for so much was not there, i made a comment to my nurse that i was glad she was there because the other nurse just un nerves me and makes rude comments and the nurse said well you dont have to worry anymore she made comments to everyone and she wont be back. So at least i was not the only one!

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