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So so tired

I am insanely tired. I have not slept more than an hour at a time all week and I am usually up for the day around 4am-5am. I am to the point where I just feel like crying all the time because I am so tired. Is there anything ? all natural ? that I can take to help? I can?t swallow any pills without immediately throwing up (I have to take chewable prenatal vitamins even). I just don?t know what to do- I think I am going to go crazy if I don?t get some sleep soon. I know once the baby gets here I will get less sleep, that is fine at least then I will have a sweet baby to look at instead of my husband sleeping peacefully.

Re: So so tired

  • wow that seems pretty extreme and unfortunately I have no advice for you - sorry!

    Have you talked to your dr about this??

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  • I take unisom every night. It helps a lot with naseau as well.
  • I have my next appt in 2 weeks so if I have not come up with a solution by then I will speak to her. I am adding Melatoin drops to my list to get from the store tonight is Unisom over the counter? I have not heard of it before.

  • Have you tried chamomile or mint tea?  The mint will help with nausea as well.  Both are fine for pregnancy. 

     Good luck!  I've been super tired lately and not sleeping well.  It's frustrating. 

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  • Unisom is OTC, and I believe they make a disolvable tablet form if you have trouble swallowing pills.  It is generally considered safe during pregnancy, but you might give your OB a call just to double check.

    And, let me assure you, that having a cute baby to look at will not keep you from wanting to murder your husband as you watch him sleeping peacefully while you're up nursing a newborn 5 times a night :) 

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  • Have you tried "Calms Forte"? It's a homeopathic sleep aid. My midwife recommended it for me for anxiety to help me rest.
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  • unisom has been a life saver for me and is totally safe. thay are small too, so i think you will find it easy to take. goodluck!
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  • This maybe horrible to say but THANK GOD I am not the only one :D  Here are some things I do that seem to help most of the time.  I drink a sleepy time tea, take a unisom, do a word search or suduko, watch a movie that I have seen a thousand times and sometimes I take a hot bath with lavander.  Oh yea one other thing is reading a NON prego book.  Granted I still a few nights I am up all night but thats just part of being prego from what my OB says...plus I am carring twins so I have the extra shot of hormones that prevents me.  I hope that it helps you.  GOOD LUCK
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