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Braxton Hicks at 26 weeks, anyone?

This is the 2nd or 3rd time I felt tightening of my abdomen and it hurts.  Anyone feel the same? Tnx

Re: Braxton Hicks at 26 weeks, anyone?

  • I've been feeling BH for a while, especially if I stand up too fast, stand up too long, or are dehydrated.  I try to avoid any of those things and it helps.
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  • I'm 28 wks now, but have felt BH for a few wks. It really never hurt tho. The baby would kick after and that would sometimes hurt. Right now I would take it easy, BH only happens to me when I am over doing it and stressed.
  • Yep definitely feeling the tightening. Usually at night once or twice. Doctor says I'm right on schedule!
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    I've been feeling BH for a while, especially if I stand up too fast, stand up too long, or are dehydrated.  I try to avoid any of those things and it helps.

    Ditto this, for a couple of weeks now. Much more frequently and earlier than with my first, but that doesn't shock me.

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  • I've been having them since 23 or 24 weeks. Uncomfortable but not scary once you can recognize them for what it is.
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  • I get them quite often but I find that staying hydrated and keeping an empty bladder helps.
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  • Me too!  I get them in the evening, after being on my feet for a while (like the PP's).  I've been trying to stay hydrated, lay on my left side and take warm baths to alleviate the discomfort.  Mostly it feels like I just worked out afterwards.
  • I've been getting them since like 14 weeks.  It's an empty my bladder, drink some fluid, and sit down thing.  I'm known for "over doing it"

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  • Been getting them for weeks now, can't even remember when they started. Happened with my first pregnancy as well.  I also usually get them in evening when I'm out doing chores with my horses, probably over doing it a little like other posters say.  I just finish up what I'm doing, come inside & sit down for a bit.  Doesn't really hurt, just tight & uncomfortable.  Doc isn't worried.  Often I get them when picking up my 14mo old as well, doc said 2nd pregnancy is often worse when you're chasing after & picking up your little one all the time.  Abs are getting more of a work out!
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  • The first time I had one was in the middle of the night. It was kind of a shock and it hurt. I tried to move positions and couldn't. After I figured out what it was, they aren't as shocking or painful, and it's actually kind of fun when you can see your belly change shape.

    Remember it's "practice" contractions, so use them to practice your breathing and coping techniques :)

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  • I think I figured out that's what was happening to me last week. It has happened every few days, but it definitely doesn't hurt. Just feels tight with a bit of pressure. Sometimes when I hold urinating too long, I seem to notice a tightening right after and my belly seems very round/ball-like. 



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  • I started getting BH with my first pregnancy at 20 weeks and had them every day.  I started getting them at 15 weeks this pregnancy.
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  • I got them starting at 20 weeks. I got them really bad over Christmas.  We did four days of festivities, and I volunteered to do far too much.  I let myself get dehydrated, and overworked, and things ended up went very poorly.  Christmas night I ended up with painful contractions, about 7 in an hour.  My midwife said that more than 4 in an hour could be a problem.  But my great aunt is an OB-phys assistant, and she noticed what was going on.  She made me sit down, put my feet up, and drink 4 glasses of water.  After two hours they went down in intensity and frequency.  Yesterday was also bad, but when I stopped and drank a lot of water it felt much better.  I asked at my appointment today, and my midwife said the same thing.  She said if they start to get painful and frequent like that, sit down and drink a lot of water.  If they don't calm down in 2 hours, or if they come with spotting, call the doctor or go to the ER. 
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