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Baby has the Flu

This past week has been aweful around my house! First DD started with a cough/fever, but quickly subsided. I came down with Bronchitis and DH has an URI. Then DS gets congested. That went into high fever, runny nose, and a cough. He was seen at the doctor's on Tuesday and prescribed antibiotics for an URI and an ear infection. He had a high fever all day so I took him to the urgent care around 6pm. He tested positive for Type A Flu. Of course he's too young to get TamaFlu, so it just has to run it's course.Sad

DH still feels bad from his URI, but I'm finally on the mend from my Bronchitis.

Here's hoping that for any of you who are sick right now, that you have good drugs and get better fast! Cheers!

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Re: Baby has the Flu

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