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Bad Day *vent*

Woke up this morning (at about 4:15) to a decent amount of snow. I don't have snow boots so I had to wear my leather boots with a bit of a heel on them to shovel a path to my car and dig it out from under the snow. That was NBD really... Got to work and when the delivery truck showed up at around 6:30 to deliver our stuff, I slipped and fell right on my hip trying to get to the shed to salt the sidewalk so he could get inside. About 8am I get a call from my family practice doctor because I've been having chest pains. They told me I have cardiac arhythmia (sp?) or possibly tacacardia (sp?) I don't know what either one means but they don't sound too pleasant and they referred me to a cardiac specialist... I'm pretty nervous. To top it all off today I found out I might not be able to go see my family for the holidays this year which REALLY upsets me because I despise when plans get cancelled last minute... WAAAAH!!! Is today over yet? I suppose I should just be thankful DD, my SO and myself are all still alive after our little blizzard today. I know I sound a bit whiny but I just needed to vent a bit. Thanks for listening!
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Re: Bad Day *vent*

  • Sorry you ahd a bad day.

    I'll ease your mind about the only thing here I can, I have tachycardia while pregnant, had it last time too. If your experience goes anything like mine you'll see a cardiologist, wear a heart monitor, they'll check it out and say "it's because you're pregnant" (gee, thanks) you'll have a follow up after you deliver and move on.

    Until then, if you feel the heartrate go crazy, rest and hydrate.

    Please forgive my typos! I'm not as dumb as my iphone would like you to believe :)
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  • OMG thank you so much! I was freaking out thinking "I can't die... I have a little girl that needs me and a baby in my belly that needs to be born!" It usually happens when I get stressed/anxious but I have woken up in the middle of the night and couldn't catch my breath so IDK. I really appreciate your advice, my mind has been going a million miles all day. 
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  • Arrhythmia means abnormal rate, tachycardia usually means the rate is a little high. It should be something that could just be monitored. 

    Sorry about your day. I hate snow (such a Scrooge, I know) for all of those reasons, it's such a pain in the @$$ 

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  • So does anyone think (or know from experience) if this will prevent me from having a natural birth? DD was an induction due to preclampsia (sp. again. I suck at medical terminology lol) and I ended up getting an epidural. I want to try natural this time but there are just so many questions that most Dr's can only give medical and not personal advice on...
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  • Arrhythmia is an abnormal rhythm like if your heart beat increases with breathing in/decreases while breathing out or skips a beat. Tachycardia is an elevated heart rate. Not sure what this means for LD. Hope it turns out to be nothing.
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  • Sorry your day was so terrible.  As PP said, tachycardia simply means a fast heart rate and an arrhythmia simply means abnormal rhythm.  Both could easily be no big deal and normal for you during pregnancy.  I know cardiac stuff and chest pains can be very scary but remember, it doesn't always mean something bad.  Try to take it easy until your appointment with the cardiologist and hopefully your hip isn't too sore... I know mine are sore without falling!  Thanking of you.
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