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Motivation needed

This is going to be long, as there is a back story that needs to be explained a little.

January of 2011 I decided to change what I looked like by counting calories and exercising. I have always been overweight, but got to my heaviest at 271lbs. I was not happy with what I looked like and did not feel comfortable in my body. I became a runner, not a good one. I got down to 195lbs by December, so I lost 76 lbs in a year. Then at the beginning of February is when I got pregnant. I continued to eat well, but I didn't exercise as much. I gained 41 lbs while pregnant and I was not happy about it at all. My LO is 7 weeks old and I have only lost half of that. I want to eat healthy and I am not trying to make any excuses but a few weeks after she was born was Thanksgiving and then a week later was my 30th birthday and now its almost Christmas, so there has been sweets everywhere I look and I seem to have no will power to say no to the treats. And in between Thanksgiving and my birthday my aunt was diagnosed with colon cancer and she has a spot in her lung and in between her lungs and she doesn't weigh enough for her to do chemo, so I am emotionally eating. I had given up eating chocolate before I got pregnant and while I was pregnant I started eating it again and now it seems like I crave it all of the time. When I lost my weight I used sparkpeople.com but I don't feel like it will be something I can use again as I am so busy. I downloaded an app for my phone but haven't started using it yet. I have motivation because I am getting married in 6 months, but I guess I feel like it would be nice to have a weight loss buddy to keep me motivated on bad days.

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