Speaking of #3 (as someone did below)

My husband and I recently found out that we are pregnant with #3.  Our twins will be 6 months old next week.  It took us forever to get pregnant with them and it finally happened through IVF with ICSI.  So, we both thought it was practically impossible for us to get pregnant on our own.  At the end of October I had to have my appendix removed- it was close to rupturing by the time they got it out.  Well, apparently the anesthesia and antibiotics that I was own can mess up your cycle!  It pushed back mine by about 2 weeks.  So, when I thought I was safe, we were not.  And, surprise, #3 is own it's way.  The twins will be about 13 months when this baby is born.  I am completely shocked and freaking out but happy too because we never thought it would happen.  My husband also has MS so having our family now while he is still healthy to enjoy them is great for us.  I am very nervous, overwhelmed, everything!  Just wanted to share with you ladies :)
After two years of TTC, our beautiful twins came to us through IVF with ICSI. God has certainly blessed us with two little miracles!
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BFP 12/5/2012 EDD 8/06/2013 = MMC 12/31/2012 dicovered 1/17/2013, Good bye sweet angel! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!!!!!  Testing revealed that our sweet baby was girl because she had Turner Syndrome.
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