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Anyone recommend good pads for after baby is born? I've heard that the kind with wings are not good.
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Re: Pads

  • I prefer pads with wings. For me, they stay in place much better. I just checked my stash from my last pregnancy. I used Always overnights with wings. They are longer, which is good for all of the laying down that you do during recovery. 

    During my hospital stay with DS, the nurses brought me frozen baby diapers to put in my panties. They were awesome.  

  • I took a bunch of jumbo ones from the hospital and used over night. During the day I used Kotex overnights, the supper long but super thin ones. I hated the thick always ones they were constantly catching in my stitches while I was moving during the day.

    I would say get a few small pack til you find what you like the take a picture or give the package to someone to go buy you more. Last time my DH was great about it I just texted him a picture I the package.
  • A friend of mine suggested wearing depends rather than pads at first. She said they were a godsend. i am planning on trying both to see which works best. Good luck
  • Wings!! When you are moving around, whether it is to get baby, or lay baby down, or whatever, the wings make the pad stay in place. I also recomend always overnights. With my first, the supers did NOTHING.  I remember going to walmart and before i went to stand up, WHOOSH!! pad was overfull, underwear were wet and so were my pants. Ugh. Had to go straight to the bathroom and have my mother bring me a pack of panties to put a pair on. This time I looked for something longer and ment for a lot of flow. I went to Always.com and found their overnights seemed perfect. Very long and absorbant. They also have a night bed pad that I am considering getting to set up in my car, in bed, and possibly the couch... just in case.
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  • Let me just say this... I had to use depends for a week after my c-section because the incision area was leaking so much and the pads wouldn't go high enough. I don't think I've ever felt less like a lady.

  • I was planning on trying Depends as well. I have heard from multiple people that this is the way to go but I agree, it does sound like it is a little belittling. Embarrassed


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  • I will vouch for the awesomeness of depends. Immediately after DS was born, the MW set me up with overnight pads, but shortly after she left I put on depends. Much better. I didn't have to worry about ruining undies, and they were really absorbent. I think I wore them for the first 3-4 days PP, and then switched to the super pads. 
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  • I can't remember if it was this board or if I was lurking on January, but some women highly recommended freezing pads before you go into delivery and sprinkle some witch hazel on them. It sounded brilliant to me... You get a cold ice pack, and a healing agent all in one. 

    This is my first, but I used Always Night maxi pads and then switched to a more ergonomic version later when my flow lessened after my D&C. I personally prefer tampons, but the pads actually didn't bother me that much.  

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  • A friend of mine suggested and highly raved Always Infinity Overnight pads. The absorbency on them is incredible. They are also pretty thin so I'm guessing they'll be comfortable. But depends sounds like a good idea too! I've also been told to get a waterproof pad for the bed?

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