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Baby's position

At about what week should the baby be head down?  I don't think my son is head down.  I feel a ton of hard kicks on my sides.  I know he has time to position himself.  But, when do doctors want the baby to be head down by?
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Re: Baby's position

  • It's too early for that yet.  I believe with DS my doc said it usually happens in last 4 weeks, but think DS turned about 37 weeks and stayed that way.  DH & I watch this baby swirl all over every night around 9ish.  This little one is way too busy & little yet to stay in one position!!!
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  • I think around 35 weeks is when doctors start really taking note about position and starting to take it seriously.

    I've had friends who did procedures as late as 39 weeks to get their LOs into head down position, but it did take some outside guidance to get that to happen. Once they were head down, though, all was well and they stayed that way until birth.

    DD- 11/17/08, DD- 11/16/09, DS- 3/20/13 
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  • my dr told me on Mon that she is head down.  Which is good but really doesn't matter.  They can flip and turn a bunch of times before they are born since there is still so much time left.

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  • My OB and the instructor for our childbirth class both said around 35 weeks is when they start to think about methods to turn the baby.  My understanding is that even if a breech baby "flipped" right now, it could flip back before time for labor. 
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  • I thought the same son turned head down somewhere between 20w-24w I'm pretty sure I felt it because it felt like a rolling wave, different from his kicks.
  • I agree not to worry until about 34 weeks.

    My son is all over the place, I feel jabs in just about every inch possible, sometimes at both ends at once. Everyone says "Ut oh he's going to be an active one!" Dad thinks he'll be a break dancer :)

    If you are worried, look into prenatal yoga, there are certain moves that will encourage them to start heading down, especially squats. Plus it helps a lot when delivering.

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  • My little guy has been head down for a while, and I still feel kicks and his feet on the sides.  His legs are lying right across my belly button is what they told me at my last u/s.
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