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Finally settled and 0-1-2

So, after the harrowing 6.5 hour car ride with a toddler and a drugged cat that busted free of his carrier, 6 days sleeping on an air mattress in the living room of our new house so that aforementioned cat didn't believe he was abandoned (DD stayed with the IL), and having my mom throw a hissy fit because I dared ask her that perhaps instead of us doing our Christmas plans on the 25, it would work better if we did it on the 24, we finally have our stuff and the internet, so life should normalize right?

 In the midst of my feud with my mom, she threw DD a birthday party which was a lot of fun.  DD is convinced that Ohio is a land of cake and parties.  We did FIL's retirement party on the 13th, her party on the 16th, and now with xmas coming... that's a lot of cake.

Here's her 0-1-2.  I can't believe how big all these LOs are.


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Re: Finally settled and 0-1-2

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