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Anyone else have an eating machine!?

I don't THINK you can necessarily over feed a baby who feeds himself, but I seriously wonder where Ds puts it all?! This morning, for breakfast alone, he ate 2 full pieces of toast, broken up, 2 eggs, a cup of yogurt, and then his milk. Ds1 is a picky eater nowadays, and its a job to get him to eat anything, so this morning when he asked for a corn dog, I gave it to him... he only ate about half and LO finished it off too! Then he goes into the kitchen crying and pointing at the cabinet where we keep his snacks! Idk how he doesn't blow up! This is a regular occurance... not like its a growth spurt. He always eats more than his big brother, and seriously eats more than I do at times!
I'm hoping his eating habits continue to be good, since ds1 ate really well as a baby, then got super independent and although he usually will eat healthy foods, except corn dogs and the occasional pizza, we literally have to make him eat!
Anyway, does anyone else's little one eat like a hog?!

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Re: Anyone else have an eating machine!?

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  • Yup. Every day, it is first breakfast (small)  followed by second breakfast (large)...and ditto for lunch...dinner and bed time snack are the smallest food times!

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  • LO has days where he eats A LOT!!!  I also wonder where he puts it....He rarely eats more than I do, but he eats way more than I thought he would.  The other day, he had yogurt and a cereal bar for breakfast, a whole banana for a snack, 2 steak fingers with mashed potatoes and veggies at DC for lunch, another snack of cheese and crackers, and then ate turkey lasagne at dinner at home.  Plus all the milk he drinks during the day. He's a piggy!!!!  

  • Yup! Particularly at breakfast! He'll eat a whole banana, an egg, and usually 2 small pancakes or two pieces of toast. He doesn't eat near that much for any of his other meals but at breakfast he just keeps eating & eating!
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  • Oh, this post makes me feel better! 

    DS eats a lot too.  He doesn't eat too much at breakfast (but he nurses at 7, has breakfast at 8, then nurses again before his nap at that's a lot of milk!)  But lunch is his meal.  He can really pack it away!  I have no idea where it all goes!

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  • image KeyLime81:
    Oh, this post makes me feel better!

    Haha, me too. DD can often out eat me breakfast, and after lunch and copious amounts of cheese the other day, was still crying and pointing to her high chair LOL
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