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I should have known better than to let certain people know

I was visiting with a former colleague.  She was on leave due to breast cancer.  She and I were very close at one point.  She asked me if we were planning a family -- I told her that I was pregnant.  She told her an entire department (a super gossipy group and I am so happy that I don't work with them anymore) and then one of them told my colleagues. 

I hadn't spoken with the super gossipy one in over 5 years yet she felt the need to tell all of my direct colleagues.  She had to go out of her way for this.  I ran into her while she was busy spreading MY news and I didn't say anything to her about my pregnancy because clearly we are NOT friends (and I didn't know she knew).

Whatever.  It wasn't a secret.  Just annoyed.  I should have remembered how petty all of those people were.

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Re: I should have known better than to let certain people know

  • Not sure what the big deal is.  People gossip.

  • It is really hurtful when trust is broken.  It is a shame that this woman felt the need to gossip at your expense.  Try to tell yourself that it is nothing personal.  She is likely filling some type of void in her own life.  You are wiser now! Don't let it get you down hon!  :)
  • Did your work already know? If not, then I'd be super pissed. People always talk. I've learned that at work don't tell anyone anything unless you want the whole world to know. See my post below 'so when are you due?' from yesterday - I still can't believe this lady called me out (I haven't told anyone). what if I wasn't PG and just had gained some weight?? totally inappropriate.
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  • I completely understand the annoyance. I worked as a grill cook and had to miss work due to ms. Well company policy is, if you miss work due to sickness you have to have a doctor's note saying it's safe to return to work. So I had to tell management early. When I returned, everyone knew.  It's your news and you should be the one to tell. 
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  • While annoying, you really shouldnt tell ANYONE at work and not assume that it's not going to get around.  People talk.  Lesson learned.
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