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Christmas service

We are planning on going to Christmas Eve service.... But I am super nervous baby H will have a melt down in church. I just think church is a quiet palce but I also want to go to the service.

What are you ladies doing? If you go to church.

Re: Christmas service

  • I don't think we're going because we'll be at my mom's house, but I've taken LO to church a few times without issue. I sat on the aisle near the back so that if he got fussy, I could get up and walk out and try to calm him down with minimal disruption.
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  • Preacher oughta be able to preach over a crying baby. LOL That's what my daddy the peacher always said anyway. I've had Alice in church a few times. If she has a meltdown I'd just take her into a Sunday School room or bathroom or nursery if there is one.

    My nieces and nephews are in the Christmas Program at church this weekend, and we will be going. I am stocking the diaper bag with her favorite toys. Luckily her favorites right now are tactile rather than rattles! :D


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  • we are going we plan on sitting in the back so can get out of sanctuary easily if need be. Most parents sit in the back of the church with kids it will be good for me to meet other parents. right now we have not gone waiting on shots I've been watching my services via live videostream on sundays. it will be cool to be back and see everyone 


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  • We go every week. I leave her in the carseat so people won't grab her! She usually falls right to sleep. I nurse last thing before leaving the house.

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  • We are going but my church has a baby fold that we'll hide out in. Lol
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  • I'm going to midnight mass with my brother and sister in law. DH has happily offered to stay home with LO, ha. We don't take him to church yet because I just don't like the idea of having him in there yet during cold and flu season maybe after his shots....
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  • Awesome ladies! Thanks for the input! Shameful but i haven't been to church regularly in a few years and haven't been at all since we moved in April. So I'm just a little anxious. You have helped calm that anxiety!
  • I have taken her every Sunday and there was only one time where we had issues and a friend sitting next to me took her bottle and warmed it up for me.
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