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Charmed got a bfp? Whut?

Hiya ladies,

   That's right. Who has two thumbs and is knocked up? Apparently this chick is. So this is my bfp post! *breathes into paper bag*


I'm moving over to August very cautiously as I got my bfp while I was on the cruise. I had some frank red bleeding and then some spotting, along with some wondfo issues that made me think I was out. I was also unable to confirm on a digital at that time.  After finally being able to confirm with a digital after I returned home and then speaking with my doctor, I am going to move on. I have another appt coming up soon (hopefully tomorrow or Friday) to speak with the obgyn about the bleeding issues.

The stuff:

Cycle:  We were on cycle 5, with ovulation on day 15. This was the earliest I have ever ovulated as I normally ovulate around cd 17-19.

Timing: O-4, O-2, and O image

What we did: We used preseed, I drank more water, cut back on caffeine, drank green tea, temped, charted, used wondfo opks and then clear blue opk's to confirm. Ate healthier (more salads and that of course means more tomatoes Wink ) and cut out majority of junk food.

It was an odd cycle for me. Having fade in on the opk's earlier than normal, tons of EWCM when normally I have very little, O'ing earlier than normal and then not temping the whole cycle just made it an odd cycle to get a positive hpt. I don't really know what did it or if it was a combination of all the things. I'm just glad it happened. 

Symptoms: My boobs are tiny bit sore and I have been having some indigestion. That's it. Other than that, not a thing.

 EDD: FF has me at August 25th, 2013 and the doctors office dated me at August 26, 2013.

How I told DH: DH and I both thought we were out due to all the issues I was having. After I got the digital to confirm and pop up pregnant, I actually stole Peanut+muse's idea from a long time ago and used the "I'm so crafty, I make people" logo and printed out a card to give to dh. He looked at it and said "awww that's cute. You need to get that made into something when you get pregn...., wait, are you pregnant!?" and I said it looks that way. I showed him the test (which he knew I couldn't get to turn before) and he just hugged me. He was so happy. 

The mushy junk: I love this board and the ladies of this board. You guys are supportive and honest and give those of us a good swift kick in the pants when we need it or are out of line.  I have met some really great people on this journey. Because of this board, some really awesome friendships have formed. I appreciate that so much. I wouldn't know as much as I know or be able to get through the daily grind as easy without your wisdom, wit, sarcasm and snark. I appreciate you all. I am still going to lurk the ever living shiiittt out of you guys and know that I am still rooting for all of the lovely TTGP ladies. I hope you get your BFP's soon and can join me on 1st tri.

 Special shoutouts to EmilyandChad, BBG, RRdiva, ColeRose, Sunlavender, KK, Darjeeling, Laylaraue, MrsM, Curlz, Lobos, ladies of chat, those who sent me messages of encouragement/  t&p this past week and last but not least anyone else who I have missed. So many people made my stay here great and I know I'm forgetting tons of people .I am so sorry.I'm pretty brain dead at the moment.


Of course I had to Hoar some gifs in there because I love them so!


O was born Aug 13!  <3 B.B.F.L

 image Why,Yes! I HAVE missed you both!image


Re: Charmed got a bfp? Whut?

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