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How big is your hospital bag(s)?

I started packing for the hospital this week and I started with a small carry-on size roller bag and it is not big enough to hold what I think i need and I wanted to check with you all so I am not that girl who shows up with a huge bag to the hospital! 

So far I have some nursing tanks, yoga pants, a belly band thingy, towel, toiletries, socks, nursing bras and some toiletries and have no more room!

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Re: How big is your hospital bag(s)?

  • i'd just commit to the small bag and only put what you can in there...

    i am using a gym bag type duffel

    i put at least 6 outfits for LO (RCS - and with DS1 i changed him a lot over the 3 days i was in hospital)

    my clothes - sweats, nursing tank, hoodie, socks and flip flops,

    toiletries - travel size, actually walmart had a travel caddie with all i needed for $4 in the travel section (deoderant, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush/paste.)  **take hair elastics and bobby pins or a headband!!

    my pump

    a blanket to bring LO home with - but i'll keep that with the carseat in the car until we're ready to leave and DH can go bring it upstairs to us.

    phones, cameras and all the chargers,  

    you may want - a pillow case, your own towel, candies, treats,  ipod, magazines, entertainment...

    just remember you can always have someone bring you stuff - or DH can go downstairs to the gift shop

    i'm leaving DH's bag up to him 

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  • Mine is a small totebag.  Last time I had a small (but not that small) rolling suitcase, never used most of the stuff. Feels good to pack light this time!

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  • I would cut down on the amount you're bringing. I have a small carry on sized rolling suitcase and it's half full.
  • I have a purse (on the bigger side) and still have room left over.

    I have: a robe, slippers, toiletries, (travel size), pillow, and maxi dress to go home in (im getting a c/s so i didnt want pants) thats it.

    Im taking the mesh panties, I'm using a hospital towel, wearing the very fashionable hospital gown the whole time till I leave, taking the skid free socks when I'm there too, so no socks for me.

    My advice for as a frequent flyer of the hospital is to keep it simple, the more you bring the more there is to keep track of, and the more likely you are to forget something. You are there one night, don't go overboard. If you roll in and the nurses think you are moving in, you're packing too much. haha.


  • Definitely use the checklist the bump has and there's multiple articles about what moms wished they had and hadn't brought. I also have 2 different bags planned. 1 that will have the things we need for labor. The other will be at home or in the car for hubby to bring later when we're settled into our postpartum room.

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  • I am sure I overpacked..I have a small, duffle sized bag that also turns into a small rolling suitcase. I have pj pants for me (though I'll probably wear the hospital gown most of the time), a robe, slippers, flip flops (for the shower), towel, travel sized toiletries, couple of t-shirts (one short sleeved and one no sleeves), sports bras and granny panties, ipod and charger, laptop and charger, and cell phone and charger. I also have a couple of outfits for LO (a take home, and then a backup), nail clippers, a blanket (to take home to the fur babies before we come home), the baby book (so we can get footprints in it), a hat, and some baby socks.


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  • I'm keeping it to a minimum... just going home outfits for me and the baby (I'll just wear the hospital gown and keep him in the hospital provided t-shirts and blankets while we're there), toiletries, makeup and hairdryer, my own pillow, camera, ipad, maybe a book, some snacks and that's probably it. I wouldn't want my own towel, because you bleed a lot in the first few days after giving birth and it's definitely going to get on the towels. I'd rather get it on the hospital towels than my own.
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  • I have a small duffle bag for me and LO.  DH is also going to bring a backpack for him (a change of clothes, snacks, etc.)
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  • Im using a purple rolling suitcase so i have room to pack what ill get while at the hospital and because my robe takes up room. Haha
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  • I have a small rolling bag for my things (and DH's things), a diaper bag with DS's stuff, a reusable grocery bag with the blanket and paperwork, and then 4 pillows. We just plan on staggering things.
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  • I haven't packed yet (I'm a last minute kinda gal) but am planning a backpack for L&D, and a duffel bag for DH, baby and me postpartum. Pretty much anything that the hospital has a version of, I plan on using.
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  • I'm using my small carry on size roller bag for DH and I and then the diaper bag for baby. I'm not planning to take a ton of clothing for either of us. I figure DH can always run home if he or I need more, we live 15 minutes from the hospital.

    I might need to take an extra small fabric bag because I really want to take my robe and I don't think it will fit in the carry on. I'll just roll it up last minute and stick it in another small bag. 

    I started packing the hospital bag last weekend but I'll probably spend some time reviewing what we have in their and adding items as necessary this weekend. 

  • Just a small duffle bag for both mine an LO things. Just the essentials, I don't plan to be there any longer than 2 days.
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  • One carry-on size bag, for all of our stuff. The hospital has towels, so you really don't need to bring your own. That said, it doesn't sounds like you have much. Maybe you just need to repack it. I can stuff a heck of a lot more than that in my carry-on size bag. Try rolling your tanks and yoga pants.
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  • You might consider packing 2 bags- one for L&D and another for recovery that your DH could bring in once you are settled. 

    Everything I need for L&D will fit inside of my camera bag. My recovery bag is an average sized gym bag.  

  • Why don't you pack the small carry on bag with things you will need for labor/right away, and have a second bag with things like your going home clothing and that kind of thing in a separate bag to bring right before you leave?
  • I used a small carry-on sized rolling suitcase last time for everything (my stuff, DH's stuff, and baby stuff) and did not even come close to filling it, I will be doing the same this time.  You truly dont need that much.
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