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Feel like a whale.... weight gain

I just had an apt today and I have gained 35 pounds and Im only 33 weeks.  I feel so sad and huge.  My dr wasnt concerned but now I am so depressed.  

Re: Feel like a whale.... weight gain

  • Yep, Join the club, I totally feel ya.  I eat much better now than I did pre-preg, and I walk 1-2 miles every night since getting pregnant.  I also barely exercised pre-preg, and I still packed on the pounds. Oh well, Almost done!!!

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  • Try not to let it get you down! As long as you & LO are doing well that's the important part. Not everyone gains weight "by the book" during pregnancy.

    At my 34 week appointment I had gained 35lbs (pretty much the same as you) and I was a bit overweight pre-pregnancy. My OB isn't concerned & LO seems to be doing just fine. I definitely feel like a whale too (plus everyone keeps telling me how HUGE I am... haha!

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  • I'm at 30 1/2 weeks and I'm up 34lbs. With DS I gained 91lbs due to pre-e and I was able to get rid of all but 4lbs. I'm quite happy with 34lbs even if I hit 45lbs its still only half of what I gained last time. Plus its the holidays and I'm just trying not to gain 20lbs in Dec, lol.
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  • Same here.  I vowed not to gain much this pregnancy - it didn't work.  At all.
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  • I felt that way too and was happy to see at my appt monday i hadnt gained anymore.
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  • I've become a firm believer that your body will gain what its going to gain assuming you don't spend your days eating boxes of cookies and pounds of cake. BFF gained 50+ with LO1 and said she thought it had a lot to do with diet because she often gave into cravings and used the idea that she was pregnant and could eat what she wants. With LO2 she ate a lot more healthy and exercised and she still gained almost 50.

    FTM here so I don't have any experience but I'm 37 weeks and up about 30. It's kind of a hard pill to take but at this point I'm not even going to worry about it. 

  • Right there with ya! I have been super active this entire pregnancy, more so than I was when preggo with DD, yet still pack on BIG pounds, 50 to be exact. When I run after my 2 year old I feel like a rhino with all the momentum. LOL. Dont be sad momma, you will lose the weight after the baby comes. 
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  • Do NOT beat yourself up over it.  I gained 40 lbs with DS and was exercising like a crazy person - running 3-4 miles a day until I was 36 weeks pregnant and in the gym until the day I went into labor.  This pregnancy I have been a couch potato due to major BH with any sort of activity and am gaining the exact same (or maybe a tiny bit less - Im up 29.5 lbs at 32 weeks).  So I am proof that your body is going to do what its going to do no matter what you try to do to prevent it. 
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  • I know what you mean...I have gained 35.5 at my 33 week appt. I gained 5.5 lbs of that in two weeks :( Oh and the fact that my maternity pants I bought are getting uncomfortable is really bothering me too, but i figure in about 7 weeks I will worry about loosing it.
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  • I am currently holding at 37lbs gain and I am 33 weeks. I have stayed the same over the last month so hopefully I can continue for a few more weeks. I don't want to move up to 50lbs but it looks like it might be on my horizon. Sad


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  • Chin up! Try to eat as healthy as you can and then you know you did the best you could. With DD #1 I gained 40 pounds by week 34.....

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