Am I crazy?

My first was a c-section and I really wanted a mirror to watch what was going on.  For fear that my husband would pass out, we opted for no mirror.  I'm having a RCS in a few weeks and I really want to see.  Am I crazy?  I know some moms watch themselves give birth vaginally so I don't see why I can't watch myself give birth via c/s.  Trying to figure out the logisitics of me seeing it without DH seeing it would be an issue and I know if I bring up this subject with him again I'm going to get major side eye.  Anyone out there that has watched their c-section?  Thoughts?


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Re: Am I crazy?

  • You're brave. I had absolutely no desire to watch my delivery, had it been vaginal either.
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  • WSS, Ditto! ^^^ I had no desire to see anything that was going on and when I got home and finally looked at my scar (about 4 weeks later), I felt faint! Even looking at the pics the nurses took in the OR make me squirm! LOL. If you have the stomach for it, I don't think you're crazy. Some people are way better at handling that kind of thing! 

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  • I wanted to see as well.  Hell, I asked my doctor if my vbac failed and I had to have another section, could I help lift her out.  He politely nixed the idea, but yes, I wanted to see what was going on.

    As a compromise to the mirror, DH took tons of pics so I could relive it all, flipbook style (he did the same with my first section).  They're the coolest pictures I have.

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  • Personally I have no desire whatsoever to see my C-section (I'm really squeamish and would probably be the one to pass out) but if you want to using the mirror could your DH position himself so his back was facing the mirror and only you were looking at it?
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  • I don't think it's weird at all. I worked at a veterinary office for 6 years and I loved watching the surgeries. I think it's so neat what doctors can do. I didn't get to watch for mine, but like pp my husband took some really cool pictures of them pulling the baby out. No one else wants to see them, but I think it's so neat to go back and look at how they did it.
  • For my next one, it will be recorded. I want to see it too.
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  • I didn't even think to ask about one during my last csection but I would love to watch. I may have to ask my OB about that. My DH had no desire to watch so I don't even have any pictures of DD until after she was getting cleaned up on the little table beside me.


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  • Not crazy at all!  I wanted DH to take pics during my first CS, but he's too squeamish.  I might ask my nurse to snap a couple photos during my RCS next week!
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  • Yes. I'm a nurse, I've seen plenty. Do Not watch your own. And did your OB offer it? Because I have never seen that done.
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  • i had the mirror for my vaginal delivery but i watched some youtube videos of c sections b4 i had mine n that was MORE than enough for me....its not a pleasant thing to watch...
  • I dont think its weird at all. My dh got pics of them cutting me open and stretching my belly to pull her out. Pretty graphic pics and I am glad for them.


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  • image mabenner1:
    You're brave. I had absolutely no desire to watch my delivery, had it been vaginal either.


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  • My cousin asked to see her second section.  She's a nurse, so she really wanted to see it.  She had a whole list of requests for her second section. I think they let her. 

    DH was worried that he didn't want to see it, but he did look and he took lots of pictures, I love having them.  But I'm not sure that I could have watched at the time.

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  • have DH put the video camera over the sheet so he can tape it but not watch. then you can just watch it after without him around. or maybe a nurse would hold the camera for you
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  • I wanted to watch my c section too.  I am a NICU nurse and attend deliveries so I am used to seeing c sections.  My nurse took my camera and took a lot of great pictures during it for me.  I love having those pictures of her birth and am grateful for her taking them.  Most hospitals won't let you video a c section.  Since it is a surgical procedure it isn't allowed.  
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  • I would love to watch, but I'm pretty sure it's against hospital policy. Blood doesn't bother me, and I think surgeries are pretty cool. My hospital doesn't even allow pictures during the surgery, so I have a feeling watching is out.
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