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Not sure if I am just being emotional or if I have a bad OB.

This is our 2nd pregnancy. We have been TTC for 14months, we had a very early miscarriage in August and ended up leaving Baylor because of the way the receptionist handled our situation. We were referred to Partners in OBGYN Care and soon found a new Dr. who expressed how sorry she was for the lack of care we were provided through Baylor and said I was now going to be considered a "high maintenance" patient, not because I was high maintenance, but because I have had a previous miscarriage and they would ensure proper care for me. I asked during this appointment (the followup after our miscarriage) if a perscription medication I was taking could have caused the miscarriage or the difficulty in TTC, I was assured that it did not and was not. 

She lived up to her word. All the fertility tests were performed, HSG (ouch!!) FSH, Semen analysis, etc. The appointment to go over the results was BAD! At first she assured us that we were both perfectly normal, she said she did the testing because it was what I wanted, but we had nothing wrong with us. She made me feel like I was a little crazy and impatient with waiting while TTC. AWESOME! We then discussed CLOMID, she asked my DH if he had any concerns and while we were talking she turned stone cold. She was no longer listening to us and all we could think for at least 5 minutes was that one of us was dying and she missed it. She began by apologizing then proceeded to explain how she had a different way of calculation semen results than the way the lab did and there was a problem. She started doing these calculations in front of us and we were both so confused, 5 minutes ago we were fine, impatient, but fine. Now I might not even be a candidate for clomid. 

We left telling her we were going to pray about what to do next and would call to set up a clomid cycle after we met with a Urologist. Well!!!!! We waited 1 month. We had the appointment with the Urologist scheduled for the 1st of Dec. and planned on starting a cycle of CLOMID on day 5 after I started.

The day I was planning on calling to set up clomid I got a BFP!!! I called to let her know, they had me come in for blood work the next day. Now here is why I am uncertain about my OB and her quality of care towards her patient:

1.During the appt discussing the test results I again asked her about the ADHD medication I was taking. This time she answered ENTIRELY different. She said, NO!, you need to stop taking it immediately. (Was she not listening to me the 1st time I asked her when I was seriously concerned it caused our miscarriage and might be causing difficulty in TTC?) 

2.While getting blood work my Dr.'s nurse stopped by to congratulate me and said, "Now, Dr.---- couldn't remember, did this happen while you have been on clomid?" What???? She didn't know that she never started me on a cycle???

3.Round 2 of blood work callback from nurse: Your count has doubled, but it is on the low end what was the 1st day of your last period? (this was the 3rd time she had asked) October 30, okay, that puts you at 5 weeks, let's set up your 1st ob appt for 8 weeks. Wait, well that is the week of Christmas, Dr.---- is on vacation. She gave me 2 other dates, both in January to talk with my husband over. She worries me by telling me my count is on the low end, then tells me my Dr. can't see me because she is on vacation or already too booked.

4.I Call back to confirm appointment, ask if we can do something at 7 weeks, I read that lots of Dr's will see you at 7 weeks...not mine! Then the dates she had given me were full, she blamed me for taking too long to get back with her. I said I will be 10+ weeks at my 1st appt, what if something doesn't feel right before then. She said there is nothing they will do, and I just need to go to the ER. She then asked if this was my 1st pregnancy and what was the 1st day of my last period. WHAT!!! I switched to this doctor because of a heartbreaking miscarriage, and there is no record of it!? And then I was lied to, my DR. assured me they would take great care of me and when I ask what I might need to do in the event that something is scaring me or doesn't feel right, I need to go to the ER? WHAT!!

Should I find a new doctor, or stick with her? 


Re: Not sure if I am just being emotional or if I have a bad OB.

  • switch Dr.'s. Your doctor should be taking the time to get to know you, and should at least look over your chart to help reming him/her of what's going on before they walk into the room. This dr sounds over booked and like they don't really have a good dr/patient relationships.

    I live out in Katy, and I have a great Dr. If that would be an okay area, pm me and I will get you her name and number. Otherwise, good luck, but I would be switching Dr's.



  • Yes, please switch, you are already not comfortable/happy with everything that's going on there, it's better to move on now. 

    What part of town are you in ? 

  • If you're looking for a new doctor try Dr. Beard with Complete Women's Care. She is amazing and the whole practice is great. They're in the med center attached to Women's Hospital. Had my baby 4 months ago and it was a great experience. 


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  • Thanks for the responses. Turns out my fears were right. We lost our baby Christmas evening. It was horrific, and heartbreaking. We were 8 weeks 1 day. We went to the ER like I was told 2 days prior and were able to see our healthy baby with a strong heartbeat. 2 days later we were heartbroken and at a loss. Looking for a high risk Dr in the Houston area. This was our 2nd miscarriage this year. No completed pregnancies. Any high risk recommendations on Dr's specializing in recurrent miscarriages would be appreciated. Thanks ladies!
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