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3hour GTT

I failed my one hour GTT and going in for the 3 hour next Wednesday.  How is the 3 Hour different besides 3 blood draws, do I drink a higher sugar content.  Disapointed that I failed.
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Re: 3hour GTT

  • Higher sugar content (I think 2x the amount) with 4 blood draws. Fasting, 1 hr, 2 hr, and 3 hr. It took me awhile to get over the disappointment but know that it's really nothing that's your fault. It's yet another side effect of all those hormones. My OB is amazing and reminds me that the placenta is in control. All we can do is throw insulin at it and control my diet and exercise. (unfortunately exercise and diet alone weren't enough for me). 

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  • Thank you was worried it was more sugar I felt horrible after drinking the stuff for the one hour.
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  • The drink for the 3 hour test is gross. Twice the amount of sugar, same volume of fluid. That's the bummer. Take a good book, or your kindle or whatever.
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  • Yes, the drink for the 3 hour test is much sweeter. I got really nauseous and nearly threw up. I ended up sleeping in examination room for the whole 3 hours. I passed it in the end, though. 

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