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Tips for Bathtime?

Hi ladies!  My fabulously cute, and somewhat independent:), one year old (sound familiar to anyone?) freaks out every time water or shampoo gets near his face during bath time.  He constantly tries to stand up when it happens and then gets really mad when soap and all I don't scoop him up out of the bath.  I cannot for the life of me figure out a solution.. besides trying to invent a seat belt for my bath tub, ha!  It makes bath time a wee bit stressful and slippery, and I'm afraid he's going to hurt himself.  Every technique that I try- distraction, using a washcloth to get shampoo off, still doesn't really work because inevitably water gets onto his face. 

 Does anyone else have this problem and what do you do?  

Re: Tips for Bathtime?

  • Ugh..been there.  It sucks.

    As for your seatbelt solution, you can get one of those bath tub chairs.

    And there are these visor type things that you can put on LO's head so that when you pour water, it doesn't go in the face/eyes. 

    DD is like this too, but we just keep on trucking.  I take a lot of baths with her, DH takes a lot of showers with her after dinner (since she likes to comb food through her hair every night), but I'd say with all the shared baths with me and showers, she takes an equal amount of baths on her own (we don't want to get her used to just one way and have her not cooperate).  So, when she needs her hair washed, we lay her back, she fights whoever, and we just make sure to help her out by watching for water in the eyes and drying them off when we can.  We do try to give her toys for distraction when we lay her back to wash her hair. 

    We also have one of those detachable shower heads that hang down to the bathrub and we can use that on her too. 

    Just looked on amazon and they have this 'portable shower hose' that you can slip over the bath faucet to help spray LOs hair.  If you got the visor thing, and the chair, you might be set. lol.  Lots of contraptions out there to get the job done!

    Holmz-Selfix 04430201.04 Slip-On Portable Shower

  • Have you tried laying him down to wash his hair? My LO freaks out if she thinks I'm going to dump water on her head, but I can lay her down and wash her hair without any problems.
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  • Great suggestions, thanks a ton!!  I have tried laying him at an angle which he doesn't seem to like but maybe as he gets a bit older and if I keep working on it he'll adjust :).  I really like the idea of a visor and detachable shower hose, I am going to look into that pronto!

    I'm glad to know my LO isn't the only one with this.  


  • ...although now that I am thinking about it, he also hates anything on his head like hats or beanies, so maybe the visor won't work as well as I hope.  Wink  LOL
  • Here is a visor splash guard that you would use when pouring over your LO's head.  Kinda getting expensive though, but maybe it's worth it to you to invest in these things if LO is having such a hard time.  Baths should be fun.  :)

    Product Details

  • My DS is the same way, he tries to climb right out of the tub as soon as the water hits his head.  I've been teaching him to tip his head back when I pour the water and even though it's hit or miss if he'll actually do it, I think he's starting to understand that doing that helps keep the water out of his face, so he's been a little more willing lately. Good luck!
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