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PP Insomnia

Sorry I'm posting again but I desperately need help.

I'm having a horrible case of insomnia. I've always been an amazing sleeper but ever since LO was born I can't sleep at night. Last night I barely got any sleep and I literally stayed awake between his feedings. It's gotten to the point that I'm crying because I'm so exhausted, but I can't shut my mind off long enough to sleep.

What do I do? Call my OB? Suck it up? I need help :
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Re: PP Insomnia

  • ugh same i listen to the monitor too much
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  • Since pregnancy, I've had trouble falling asleep. Once I'm asleep, I can stay asleep, but I just have a really hard time getting there. 
  • I'm always had insomnia, but it got sooo much worse right after I had Ike. It was definitely due to anxiety, so I got on Zoloft and can fall asleep easily. If it continues I'd suggest doing something for anxiety.
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  • Don't have any advice but I have the same problem. I don't want to take anything since I still have to get up every 3 hours. And if we have a bad colicky day it's even worse. Let us know what your doctor says if you decide to call!
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  • Yes, I struggled with this after my first pregnancy and again this time. I'm currently taking 50mg of trazodone every night and it works wonderfully. I fall asleep easily, but I am still able to wake up just fine in the motn and fall asleep easily again after feeding. I FF, so I don't know if you can take it while BFing, but I'm sure that there are other meds that might help. I was an anxious mess due to lack of sleep, before I started taking something and so it's helped me immensely. Best of luck and I'm sorry that you are struggling...it really sucks.
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  • Thanks ladies!

    My doc basically suggested a therapist or Zoloft. I think I'm going to do some research into natural remedies and see how that goes!
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