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Growth Spurt Question..

My baby boy is 6 weeks Wed. and the last couple days he's been a little bit fussy and changed his eating habits. Instead of increasing his intake he is eating less, everything I read says in a growth spurt they want to eat more? 

He always eats about every 2-3 hrs.. now its about every 2, but instead of 3oz he might finish 1 oz.. sometimes 2. Hardly ever does he finish the bottle.

He's had/ has some constipation and gas issues, and now he has a stuffy nose .. but is this a growth spurt hes going though? Or naybe he isnt feeling well and not wanting the food so much?

... really hoping this is a Growth spurt. Anyone else have their baby eat less in a growth spurt? 


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Re: Growth Spurt Question..

  • My boy made 6 weeks on Monday. He is more fussy than usual. Gas and straining to poop issues. And we are back to waking up and eating every 3 hours when last week we were getting some 4 to 5 hour stretches.
    I can't say he eats less. Sometimes he doesn't finish a bottle. Might just do 2 ounces. But for the most part he's doing 4 ounces and sleeping a lot. I'm assuming this is growth spurt behavior.

    Have you taken his temperature ?
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