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DAYTON- Please help with OB GYN/Hospital Rec.

Hey all,

My husband and I will be TTC this spring and I am already very nervous about finding a good OB GYN and hospital.  I am currently going to CO OB/GYN and while everyone has been fairly nice, there are many mixed reviews of the practice and doctors there online. I do like what I've -read- about Southview Maternity though and I am leaning more toward that hospital for a delivery, which makes me wonder if I should stick with my current practice.

On the other hand, I've had a recommendation for an OB/GYN who works exclusively with Miami Valley, a hospital that has some negative reviews online.  The ones that most concern me pertain to how moms and babies are approached following delivery.  Again though, I have no personal experience- only what I've read.

I don't have any family in the area and I am at a loss as to where to go and who to trust.   Thanks for your feedback! 


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Re: DAYTON- Please help with OB GYN/Hospital Rec.

  • I wouldn't base opinions by what you read online. I would interview doctors. Depends on what you are going for in a doctor/delivery. 

    personally, I was happy with contemporary OB/gyn and delivery at southview. 

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  • I was with Oak Creek OB/GYN that delivered at Kettering. I liked them okay, but I am planning on switching to Midwives of Dayton who are at Miami Valley. I agree with PP and interview doctors and chose one YOU like, not based off of online reviews!

    Good Luck!


  • I also went to Oak Creek OB/GYN with our first and will be switching practices because I want to do a VBAC and I didn't like one of the doctors there.  There are 6 and you have to rotate between them because the one on call will deliver your baby.  I agree and definitely interview doctors and choose the one that feels right to you.  I have a couple that I will be doing this in a few months.
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  • I go to Far Hills OB/GYN.  They deliver at Kettering and Southview (I think).    Just started a month or so ago but have seen 2 different providers both of which were very nice and understanding. 

    I've also heard superb things about Contemporary OB/GYN. They only deliver at Southview and that's pretty far for me.



  • Hello and congrats on TTC.  It is hard when trying to choose doctor's etc so try and not let it overwhelm you. 

    Where have you been going to for OB care?  What do you like/not like about it?  I went to Huey and Weprin for 10 years and went through my first pregnancy there. I had a good experience with them however switched for my 2nd pregnancy by choice as I want a VBAC this time around and I found a doctor that is more supportive. I am now going to Horlacher and Wood.

    I delivered my first at Miami Valley and will be delivering this one as well.  We had a great experience there.

     If you have any specific questions I am happy to help where I can.

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  • I completely understand how you feel about not knowing anything in the area. I have no family here either and have been through the same process as you.

    Personally I definitely would recommend getting a list of doctors and interviewing them. That way you can meet a variety of doctors and see which one you like the best. For my OB/GYN I use Dr. Dorsey. I really like him and his staff. He is really helpful and spends as much time as you want with him. I have also heard good things about his partner Dr. Pachanio if you prefer a woman.

    I just delivered at Southview and have to really recommend them. Dr. Dorsey moved primarily to Miami Valley South so we had the option to deliver there or at Southview. When I toured Miami Valley South it was a nice, new hospital but I felt that the staff was not really all that helpful or nice. It seemed that we were more of a bother to them then anything. Every time I toured Southview I had quite the opposite reaction. The staff was always really helpful and nice. They never rushed us and answered even what seemed like dumb questions.

    I definitely recommend touring both hospitals before you give birth to see what one you like better.

     Good luck TTC! 

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  • My doctor is Dr. Talbot at Miami Valley Hospital.  He is AMAZING.  Very sweet and very positive.  I had some complications early on and he sensed I would stress out easily and made me feel positive and optimistic even though things were kind of shaky.  He delivers at Miami Valley Hospital and Miami Valley South.  MVS has a new Maternity Wing and it is PHENOMENAL.  All the moms I know who've delivered there were so impressed.  I love my doc and I plan on delivering at MVH or MVS.  

    I also don't have any family in the area so it has been hard to find feedback.  Now I am the Assistant Director of the top Daycare Center in Beavercreek and I have lots of contacts through that.  We are due in mid May of 2013 and I'm trying to find a pediatrician.  It's no fun trying to find doctors when you work as much as I do, but it's part of the job I guess.  

    Good Luck and give me a shout anytime you need anything.

    ~~Susan "Lauriesoo" 

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  • I am an RN at Miami Valley and I can tell you there is no where else I would deliver. MVH is the only Level 1 trauma center in the area which means they take care of the sickest people from infants to geriatrics. The NICU and 24 hr. anethesia staff is the best reason I can give you to go there. Not all hospitals have those two things, and if you should need an emergency C-section you do not want to be somewhere without 24 hr anesthesia staff. The Nurses are also more experienced at dealing with difficult labor.
  • I just found out I am pregnant again, so I have yet to see Dr. Kelly McCluskey for a prenatal visit. However, I have seen her twice so far for other reasons and she is so lovely and funny. A good friend of mine delivered with her at Miami Valley South back in September and she loved it. Dr. McCluskey went in to deliver the baby at midnight even though she wasn't on call! My friend had only been seeing her for the last 4 weeks of her pregnancy (she is a diplomat and came to the US to have the baby).

    Also, Dr. McCluskey called me on a Saturday (and apologized, lol) to let me know that my Vit D levels were severely deficient. She didn't want me to have to wait any longer because she was leaving on vacation for a week the next day. She has also always called me herself instead of relaying messages to nurses. I loved my old OB in TX but this is truly unparalleled. I cannot wait to spend my pregnancy with this doctor.

    That said, ideally I'd be having the baby at Family Beginnings, the birthing center located at Miami Valley Hospital (downtown Dayton). But that is a good 30 minute drive for us and my 2nd baby came so quickly, I wouldn't want to risk that. Miami Valley South is brand new though and looks like a spa resort. 

    Sorry for the lengthy reply, I am a little too excited. :)

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  • Thanks for all of the feedback everyone!

    @FutureBeisner- Are there any doctors in particular that you think a lot of the nurses like and would recommend to their own families?

    Me: 27 DH: 27

    October 2013: Endo erosion/ Clear HSG

    March 2014: SA #1/  2%morph, borderline sperm count, decent motility

    June 2014: SA#2/  2% morph, low sperm count, worse motility

    July 2014: Begin meds for IVF with ICSI #1 (Cooperate, Ovaries!)

    "Hope strengthens.  Fear kills."- Karen Marie Moning

    "Heaviness is only temporary; the daylight will soon break in."- needtobreathe

  • image LO95:
    Thanks for all of the feedback everyone!FutureBeisner Are there any doctors in particular that you think a lot of the nurses like and would recommend to their own families?

    I am also a RN, I work for the Kettering network. I started seeing Dr. Drollinger prior to ttc. He came highly recommended by MOST of the nurses I work with. He is the only one in the practice, so HE is the one who will deliver your baby that was huge for me! He is all about piece of mind for the expecting mother.. He does early ultrasounds and once you are pregnant he gives you his cell number and encourages you to text with ANY questions you may have this is above and beyond if you ask me he delivers at Kettering.. You should look him up.. Good luck
  • I have delivered at both MVH and Southview and preferred my experience at Southview. It is a much smaller hospital and I felt I was able to reach the nurses and LCs much more quickly. That said, my experience at MVH wasn't a bad one and I would deliver there again if I had to. I see Dr. Pawlosky in Centerville and really like him.

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  • I also agree. Dr drollinger is awesome! Having the early ultrasound put my mind at ease. Also one of the nurses that I had in L&D, also went to him as a patient! 
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  • I just delivered a baby girl a month ago at Miami Valley Hospital. Everyone there was great. 
  • Ohh,we may now be having negative billing issues with be continued...
  • I just found out I'm pregnant about a week ago and I'm already 10 1/2 weeks! I see Dr. Pachiano. I've been seeing her since April of last year when I found out I had endometriosis. She was fantastic in treating that. I love her and you are right, their staff are so nice. I'm not a fan of Miami Valley. I stayed there once for a kidney stone and I didn't think they were very attentive. My only complaint about Pachiano's office is how busy it is, but it's because she's so good. Do you have that problem when you go see Dr. Dorsey?
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  • I have the most amazing dr.s in the world!! Seriously; dr. Horlacher, wood Kidd. 2 men a woman all wonderful. Dr Horlacher is rated 2 dr in dayton. They are at miami valley north south. The office staff is also wonderful.
  • I am considering water birth, has anyone had any experience with this? I noticed only Miami Valley South offers it. Can anyone tell me about their experiences there? I went to Miami Valley when I had kidney stones and they treated me awfully. I refuse to go back to that one. 
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