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Holiday Reality, What do you Think?

So now that we are amidst the full blown holiday season complete with carbs, sales, and the big ?F? word. No, not that F word, the other one. Family. Having young children and infants in the home, or traveling is one thing, but I am interested how many of you struggle with the relationships between you and your families and in laws regarding what is okay for your children, and what crosses the line. Many of us are now experience the stress of having to visit family, and if you have young children, the stress is exponential. I was recently chatting with a mom who told me a story of how she had left her son a toddler to be babysat be his loving aunty. Upon returning to pick up her baby, she was greeted by her sister in tears, and her baby with a mouth full of glass, as she was desperately trying to pick out shards of christmas tree bobble glass he had bitten into out of his mouth. She ended the story with the fact that this Aunty will no longer babysit her kids. On that note, I would love to hear your stories of misfortune, disgust, and emergencies that are directly connected to family members caring, or interacting with your young children. How many of you have issues letting grandparents babysit? I find the prospect of my parents watching my son, quite fearful as my mother is on so many medications, and they are easily distracted, not watching the baby. They lack the motherly instinct, you know ?having eyes in the back of your head? and my toddler gets into everything. I find their attitude of confidence since they raised me, and my two brothers, and are health care professionals very not comforting at all. Please share your thoughts and stories. I need some holiday cheer, or at least a holiday reality check!

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Re: Holiday Reality, What do you Think?

  • Well, my mom chooses to take a medication during the holidays that makes her completely unbearable (she's supposed to be taking it we get her body and mind trying to figure it out and not being stable.) All she does is sleep and give people the stink eye, then complain that people aren't spending time with're pouting in your room all day...we've been here visiting the whole time.  So after last year she was supposed to come out and take care of LO while DH was out of town because I can't do drop-off and pick-up at DC because I have a terrible commute.  I insisted my dad come with her, because I couldn't trust her alone if she decided to start taking the meds again...she didn't and it was great, but yeah.

    My MIL holds LO hostage even though he wants to be with me and tells me to leave. It seems like she really resents that he'd prefer me over her...I'm his mom, and if he's anything like his daddy, he'll be a mama's boy for deal with it. 

    I have seriosuly dreaded every trip home since LO was born...something about having a child has made our moms ridiculous. 

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  • My mom is pretty good about actually watching DD and has kept her a few times on days she was here visiting and I had to work. It still makes me a little nervous. There are other family members that I will absolutely not trust to watch DD.


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  • My folks are amazing.  I don't ask for one favor and they go out of their way to cater to my LO.  I think it's because it is their first grand daughter and they are smitten.  My ILs, however, are a different story.  We bought them a high chair, pack and play, and some other things to store at their home so that we don't have to lug them up there every time we visit (2 hour drive).  They have a dog who they treat like a prince and it seems like they like the dog better than DD.  When we visit, they don't let DD play with her toys b/c they don't want the dog to get jealous.  They want me to hold her the entire time and they do nothing to baby proof the house.  UNfortunately, we visit them less and I think it's sad.  They also complain that the baby gear takes up a lot of space in their home.  Sometimes you can never win and the "F" cards are against you.  We grin and bear it until the holidays are over.  
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