2nd Trimester

2nd time moms- can you recommend a baby sling?

I never had one the first time around and would like to try it. I don't like the way the baby bjorn looks and am drawn to the slings. Any suggestions? Something easy to put on myself? TIA!

Re: 2nd time moms- can you recommend a baby sling?

  • I have a baby bjorn and like it okay. DH used it more than I did. I like my Moby Wrap and used it often with DS2. But it can be a pain to get on and off. I have a sling but never really figured out how to use it.

    I am considering getting the Beco Butterfly 2 this time. I think it will be easier than my Moby Wrap. I anticpate baby #3 will be in a carrier a lot.

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  • I had a Rockin Baby Pouch with DD that was great, but both kids were in our Ergo most of the time.  I couldn't get the Moby to work without help, and it was really hot.  Also looking one of the Becos this time around, as well as my tried and true Ergo.
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  • I definitely don't like the Baby Bjorn, it was the most uncomfortable carrier for me to carry them for longer than like half an hour, its also not the best for baby's spine. I bought an Ergo when DS2 was 4ish months old and LOVE it, I still use it for hiking/walking in big cities etc and he's almost 2. Of course I haven't used it for an infant yet so I'm not sure how well it'll be when baby is teeny tiny.

    For the newborn stage I really liked my Baby K'tan. It has very similar holds to the Moby, but instead of being a huge long piece of fabric its two loops attached together so its a lot easier to manage especially for short people like me. I also like mei tais, used one for both boys and it worked fine when they were newbies. I even breastfeed at the fair with it. Once they start weighing more it started hurting my shoulders though, so that's when I switched to the Ergo.

    I did use a normal ring sling and it was the easiest overall to nurse in, but for me was the least comfortable (besides the Bjorn) to wear so I sold it. 

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  • hands down ergo.  i have weak shoulders and hated the bjorn.  the ergo doesn't bother me at all and it's SO comfortable!
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  • I am ready to have my 3rd one and I do not want any of the above.   I like holding the baby in my arms I cannot stand having anything around me.
  • I used the Moby for the smaller baby stage (up to about 4-5 months) and then switched to the Ergo. The Moby looks scary since it's a long piece of fabric but if you watch a few youtube videos you will figure it out quick! I loved it and my husband loved it even more than I did. I'm really glad we went with the Ergo for the next size up because it's really easy on your back. 
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  • Loved our Hotsling!  I'll definitely be using it again. 
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  • Maya. Best baby purchase I made.


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  • My DH and I both really loved our Moby.  I practiced a few times wrapping myself before we tried putting our DS in.  He was quite snug and slept so peacefully in the early months.  He's almost 18 months and still meets the weight limits with it...however, he won't sit still long enough for me to put him in it.  DS #2 is due in April and we're looking forward to getting the Moby back out.  If you're worried about putting it on correctly, like a PP said, watch the videos on YouTube.  They'll sort the questions out!  Good luck!



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  • The Bjorn is very uncomfortable. I have a link to an awesome babywearing guide in my siggy.
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