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I'm Huge :(

I feel guilty about my bump. We just got married in August and now pregnant already!!! I was not eating very healthy and was also on antidepressants which all stopped the moment I found I was pregnant (4 weeks after my LMP)....during week five through 9 I was soo so sooooo hungry! I'm exhausted too! Sleep every day just after work until the next day..I feel better on the weekends after sleeping in but only for about 4-5 hours...then tired again. As a result, I've gained about 8 pounds and feel really guilty! I'm trying to eat healthy! I eat snacks of greek yogurt, low fat cottage cheese, tried PB & J, apples, carrots, high fiber cereal, trail mix...but I also crave dairy and ice cream (also helps my nausea feel better)...I feel so bad about my weight and that I haven't been so non-productive over the past few weeks that I'm embarrassed!

Re: I'm Huge :(

  • Big virtual hug! I think you will be fine, just focus on healthy eating and light exercise moving forward.

    If it helps, I gained 10 lbs when I quit smoking. ARGH! They should give you free ice cream for good health choices..not pack the pounds on you! I have learned to be gentle with myself and focus on eating better and getting exercise which are things I can control.

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  • I was also on antidepressants. My doctor switched me over to Zoloft. It is the safest one you can take while pregnant and breast feeding. They say it can be dangerous for the baby if your depression gets out of hand.
  • Try not to feel so bad. I too quit anti-depressants as soon as I got my bfp. I haven't actually had much of an appetite yet I've been sooooo sluggish I have gained at least 6 lbs (or more at this point, it's been a couple weeks since I weighed myself). My last pregnancy I gained 40 lbs. even, and most of it was gained in the first half of my pregnancy surprisingly. It eventually slows down. What I've found helpful is forcing myself to walk at a fast pace each day for just 20 minutes. It's not much but it does get the blood flowing and I've been feeling better because of it.
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  • I have the same problem. We got married in June and I felt so good! Gained 10 pounds durin the summer, and 10 more since my BFP. I think it's bc I was eating a lot of "diet" and "low fat" food and now I'm not. So that and being too tired to exercise I packed it on! My dr said it will most likely even itself out in the second trimester so not to stress out about it right now. I too am embarrassed bc I feel like I look like a cow in all my clothes but I've come to the realization that my hubby doesn't care, I don't care, and as long as the baby is healthy, I'm good to go! Try not to stress out too much bc that's not good for baby either!
  • 8 lbs is no where near "huge". I get it that you are feeling down on yourself, but give yourself a break. Its not the end of the world, I promise. I hope you feel better and even if you feel huge-- I promise you are not!
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  • Don't worry, you are growing a baby so your baby is adapting to the changes. With DS, I gained a ton my first trimester and a total of 50 pounds. I lost all of it by the time he was six months and then droppped an extra 10 pounds. I am up 10 pounds already and I told my doctor, I do not understand why I am gaining so much. I try to pick healthy snacks and meals. I have not had any fried or greasy food because it makes me super sick. My doctor told me not to worry and everyone reacts to pregnancy differently. I just really did not want to gain 50 again, but it looks like that is the track I am off. I figure if I lost it before, I will lose it again, especially since I will have two to chase soon enough.
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  • If you feel huge now, you are in for a rude awakening when you hit 3rd tri!

    It is okay to gain weight while you are pregnant. Be mindful of eating foods that are good for baby and don't worry about how your body looks.

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