4yr old sleep continued..

Thanks Ladies.  All great suggestions!!  

I just wanted to note that he just turned 4 on December 8th so prior to this he's always napped.  I think his preschool class does nap but he's in the 3-4 yr old room so there are lots of 3yr olds in there too.

On days that he doesn't nap,  he's an absolute monster usually.  And he never sleeps any better. There are rare occasions that we can get him in bed before 8 and he will sleep until 6:30 but it's really really rare.

We do have a nite light in his room too.. and a ceiling fan that gets turned on.  I also have a floor fan that I leave in the hallway.  (for mommy because daddy snores but also to drown out any noise for DS).

Where did you find the blue moon/yellow sun light?  That might really work for him.   



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Re: 4yr old sleep continued..

  • I wouldn't drop the nap hard- I'd slowly work up to shorter and shorter naps (hopefully his school will work with you on this). My son started napping again after he started preschool (mornings) at 3yo- he had given up naps at home at 2yo, like his sister. I imagine she'll be napping again when she starts next month.

     But, he'd given the naps up again by 3.5-ish, and even while he was napping, we could only go an hour long at most before it would destroy his night sleep. 

  • This is the nightlight we have: It's kind of pricey, but I was desperate and they have a 30 day money back guarantee.
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  • i would gradually stop the naps. for the first week cut the nap to an hour or hr and a half. do thatfor about 2 weeks then cut it to an hour for two more weeks. the same time he is suppose to take a nap just have him do quiet time in his room. the days he doesnt nap put him to bed 15 min earlier so he isnt more overtired. our oldest who is 5 will still take a half hr nap a few times a week and he sleeps better at night. the days he doesnt he goes to bed 15 min early or he wakes up earlier than he normally would. prior to cutting his nap he would get up at 5 every day. sorry for the long response and good luck.
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