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Teething pain at night

So, my DD is teething right now her upper front teeth. :/ For the past few nights she wakes up at night and cries in pain. She usually is up for quite some time. I usually give her some baby Tylenol, however don't want to have to keep giving it to her. Anyone else going through this? And tips? TIA


Re: Teething pain at night

  • My pedi suggests Motrin (ibuprofen) over Tylenol because it's safer. And there are mixed reviews on teething tablets. We've had some nighttime success with them. I hope her pain is short lived!
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  • I don't have any tips but want to empathize. My daughter was up last night and the night before, crying and appearing to be in pain. She was in a dead sleep and then suddenly started screaming. It is very sad :( We alternate with Tylenol and Motrin. I let her suck on a cold rag too.
  • We are in the same boat:(  We aren't entirely sure if he is teething or if he has a sore throat, but the waking up screaming is so horrible.  LO has been STTN for a long time, but right now it's either tylenol or nursing in the middle of the night to get him back to sleep.  Sometimes, it's both. We haven't figured out anything else that will work yet.

    Hoping to see some more teeth very soon!!

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  • I think we're also in the same boat.  He has been a lot more cranky the last few days.  Yesterday his cheeks were real rosy and his fingers were constantly in his mouth.  He has been STTN for a few weeks, but last night was crying out every few hours.  Thankfully, was able to put himself back to sleep each time. 

    As PP mentioned, our pedi also suggested that he could not take some ibuprofen, so we might try that too.

  • Evelyn did this last night from 2:30am-4am.  I felt so helpless and bad for her.   I think she's getting all four of her upper anteriors right now.  We did Tylenol because it's the only thing that helps.  I only give it to her at night if she wakes up.  I don't like to medicate either, but when she cries like that I want to give her something for pain management.  No helpful tips here, but I am right here with you.
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  • My DD is getting her 4 uppers right now and is super cranky.  Poor thing just wants relief.  I give her an ice cube/apple cube (from home made baby food) and let her gnaw on that.  at night, if she appears really uncomfortable I'll give ibuprophen.  It works way quicker than tylenol.  Good luck, it's just one of the many growing pains we have to experience with our babies.  :(



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