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want to get healthy

hi, actually am almost 8 weeks pregnant and since week 4 am hardly eating, am never hungry and i can not even think of food, it gaves me bad feeling, i have stopped any non veg meals. all i can have is cereals and nothing seems good, i had severe heartburn and am always feeling pain in my chest or betwen my breast, my gyn prescribe me Gaviscon Plus but nothing help.. please suggest me something i can do to relieved my pain. thanks

Re: want to get healthy

  • Have you tried chewing some ginger gum or drinking gingerale to settle your stomach? Maybe try eating bland foods like crackers and toast too.
  • I would call my OB again and ask if you can try something else.

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  • Nausea's been kickin my butt too! I went into the drug store today and bought almost every kind of mint I could find, and they've actually done wonders for me. So minty things work best in my opinion. Also if you're having that hard of a time eating at this point I would say to eat whatever you can whenever you can. It may not be the healthiest but at least you'll be getting some sort of food into your system. Are you taking prenatals?

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