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Long time no see!

I used to frequent this board, but I haven't been on in MONTHS! I don't know if any one even remembers me, but I'll update any way.

Life has been hectic, to say the least. I'm still in school for nursing. I have a few more pre-reqs before I can do actual nursing classes, but I FINALLY get to start my CNA course next month!

Baby Elijah is amazing. He'll be 1 on Jan. 2nd, and we're really looking forward to his first Christmas and his first birthday! He's my pride and joy. He started walking on his own about 3 weeks ago. He has 12 teeth, 4 top and bottom in the front, 1st molars on top, 1st molars on bottom. We call him our little piranha. He's a whopping 24 lbs 6 oz. and 30 inches long. Wearing 18 mo. and 24 mo. clothing. I can't keep up with this boy! He's a ball of energy, and he's extremely strong willed (wonder where he got that from? haha).

He was also diagnosed with Optic nerve hypoplasia, which basically means one of the nerves behind his eye is too small. It causes him to have a "lazy eye" and he has little/no vision in his left eye. He wears glasses to prevent his right eye from getting damaged, but he will most likely have to have surgery to fix it.

I'm hoping to get on here more, but life has been crazy over here!

I'd love to hear an update from every one.

Thought you guys would enjoy some new pics as well.




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Re: Long time no see!

  • I love the two Santa pictures, one happy and one screaming.  Good luck with your nursing classes.  You sound like a proud mom and I hope his eye surgery is successful.  After reading your post I checked and my boy has his top two molars coming in too!  I don't know how long they've been there but I wouldn't have checked if you hadn't mentioned your son's.
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  • I totally remember you and am so glad to see you back on the board! Elijah is so cute. I love these pictures!! What a big boy he is! My little Matthew will be 1 on December 27. He still only has two teeth and is a little peanut (right around or a little less than 19 pounds - not sure as we haven't weighed him lately). He's not qwalking independently yet, but is cruising around like crazy and loves pushing his little activity walker/buggy all over the place. Unfortunately, we have battled several ear infections in the last few months, so he's getting tubes this Friday and I'm hoping that will help out a lot. Here are some pics from the last couple of months.




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  • I also remember you, and used to be on a lot more too.

    Recent life getting crazy has actually drawn me back to TB, mostly for blended family advice, since this board has gotten pretty slow... which is understandable since our LO's have become quite the handful!

    You LO is seriously adorable, I can't even stand it.  Those glasses turn him into and instant little baby stud :)  He has molars already?!? Wow, I"m sorry you've had to deal with a super teething baby. And now that I think about it, DS might be starting to get those further back ones too, his fingers are constantly down the centerline of his gums, plus the cranky never stops!

    DS is like 23lbs, not sure how long, and in 12 month clothes. Pretty much totally average. Our issue, tho, is that he gags and vomits stage 3 foods due to the texture. There isn't any narrowing of his esophagus (thank goodness), and I've been trying really hard to work with him on it as we're waiting on paperwork for therapy. In about 2 weeks he's learned to stop gagging on yogurt melts, puffs, and cheerios. Now thats all he wants to eat :)

    Glad to see you back!  


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  • Hi! I remember you. Welcome back!

    I tend to be sporadic on TB now, mostly I stay over at the Working Moms board. You should come by. There are several nurses.

    DD is doing well. She's super active and starting to walk. She can take 5 or 6 steps at a time now. All she wants to do is walk! She's one determined girl.

    I can't believe how many teeth your son has! Pirana is an appropriate nickname. He is absolutely adorable -- I love the two Santa pictures.  

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  • what a doll! I love those santa pics.

    I remember you! I am not around here as much (is anyone?) either, but chime in once or twice a week, probably. I totally understand the craziness of life - we are just trying to keep our heads above water. Sometimes we're even successful.

    My LO will be one on 1/27 and he's a big kid too at about 24lbs currently. He's cruising but not walking. Hasn't said much yet, but signs a little. We've currently got 5 teeth the two front bottom ones, *one* of the top front ones, and the two on either side of the middle fronts. So he's got a crazy gap-tooth smile. it's ridiculous.

    Good to hear from you! good luck with the nursing school :)

  • Aww I'm so glad to hear from all of you! All the babies are absolutely adorable. I'm glad to hear that every one is doing well!

    I wish the board was the way it used to be, though.

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