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Antibiotics after D&C

I was prescribed 5 days of an antibiotic after my D&C. I've taken them for 2 days and started with diarrhea (one of the side effects). I called the Dr. and he said to stop taking them. However, he's not prescribing anything else. I've read online that most doctors don't give an antibiotic. Anyone else get one?

Re: Antibiotics after D&C

  • I didn't with either of my D&Cs
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  • I think they gave me some intravenously during the actual procedure, but I didn't get any after.  
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  • They gave me some during the procedure, but no RX for afterwards.
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  • I had antibiotics after my DE. I think it's as a precaution to prevent infection
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  • I got doxycycline I believe, before surgery during and for five days after
    I am having severe headaches... Wondering if its because all the dilaudid I got yesterday. Idk but I'm miserable
  • I was given an Rx for doxycycline.  It makes me a little nauseous -- which makes me sad because I kept waiting for m/s when I was pregnant and never got it -- but it hasn't been too bad.  I just took my last pill.  I think I may have also had some IV antibiotics during the D&E.  It is not 100% necessary but is a precaution against infection from the procedure.

    I've always been told you have to complete the full course of antibiotics once you start them, so I am surprised your doctor told you to stop.

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  • I didn't get any after my D&C last year. Personally I think they're overprescribed, there's no need to take them unless you actually have an infection.
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  • So sorry for your loss.

    I was given oral antibiotics after my d&c. Obviously they are to prevent infection because there is no way to make the vagina sterile when passing through to do the procedure. If your Dr isn't prescribing you anything else I would just be sure to strictly follow his/her instructions as far as pelvic rest goes until cleared. 

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