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I'm going to go crazy...horrible napper!

Hey ladies, I need some advice. My LO is currently 8 weeks old and I am having the worst time getting him to sleep during the day. He is cranky and cries constantly and it's driving me crazy! The most frustrating part is he is the complete opposite at night. We have his routine down and come 8pm he is sleepy, I feed him his bottle, and he is out for 6 hours, then do a night feeding between 3-4am, and then he is awake between 7-8am. I have tried to start a routine during the day but it is not working. I feed him his bottle, we have play time, then I swaddle him and take him into his room. He will then fall asleep easily but is awake in 10 minutes crying and wide awake. Then the process starts all over again until it is time for him to eat. I cannot get anything done...no shower, no laundry, no cleaning. The only way he will stay asleep is if he is in his swing or I'm holding him. He does have reflux so I'm not sure if this is partly the problem. It is controlled with Prevacid twice a day. Any and all suggestions are appreciated because I can't hold him all day nor can they when he starts daycare in 3 weeks.
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Re: I'm going to go crazy...horrible napper!

  • Sorry I can't help but just want to say that I almost posted the exact same thing today!  My DS is 5.5 wks and he's the same.  Sleeps well at night but I can't get him to nap during the day.  Like your DS, mine also wakes/startles himself while napping and cries, after being asleep for 10-15 mins tops.  He's swaddled but he hates it.  If I don't swaddle him, he startles himself w/i 5 minutes.  The only way he's getting any sleep is on my breast.  I hope this is temporary (6 wk growth spurt for my DS, perhaps?).  Hope someone here will have some suggestions for us!
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  • Can you wear him? My dd1 was a terrible mapper as well. GL!

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  • Ditto wearing him. I put one or both of my babies in carriers if they won't sleep during the day and I need to get things done. They fall asleep as soon as I start moving around.
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  • image Mrs.G123:
    Can you wear him? My dd1 was a terrible mapper as well. GL!

    This is a great suggestion.  Or try having him sleep for naps in different places for now - in the car seat carrier, in the stroller, in the swing or bouncy seat, etc.  Also, are you using a pacifier?  I find my DD sleeps better with the pacifier.

     At this age, it do what works time - at least for us.  With DS1, we didn't start sleep training until 4 1/2 months.  Then we set times for naps and bedtime, and we followed through every time.  He has been an awesome sleeper ever since.

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  • my 8 week old fights sleep ALL the time. yesterday I would get him to sleep while holding him and as soon as I lay him down he would start crying. Sometimes I'll put the  "baby got colic" you tube video on my phone, set it in his crib and see if he will put himself to sleep. if he fusses I wait, if he starts crying i'll go pick him up. My LO does not like to be put in his swing, bouncy, rock n play, etc for more than like 5 min or he gets very upset so I can't get anything done till DH gets home. I don't see how people do it that have more than 1 kid. right now he is in the K'tan and has been sleeping for a couple hours, it was the only way I could get him to sleep and stop fussing! Hoping he outgrow it soon b/c I'm going crazy constantly holding fussy baby!
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  • DS is 8 weeks and having the same issue... I wear him whenever I need to get stuff done.

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  • LO was the same way from weeks 5 to 7. Week 6 I started to put her down drowsy and now, at 7 1/2 weeks , she's napping much better during the day. I'm able to put her in the swing and she falls asleep on her own without crying or fussing. Hopefully it's just a phase and it passes for you too!
  • My 9 week old is the same.  He's in the K'Tan as I type.  :

    If you can get your DS to nap in the swing, I would just let him sleep there during the day.

    Also, I have been giving in during the afternoons and letting DS nap in the K'Tan; and then I pop in a Christmas movie and nap right along with him on the couch.  I get my "me" time at night after he has gone to bed.

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  • image Mrs.G123:
    Can you wear him? My dd1 was a terrible mapper as well. GL!

    This. My LO is an awesome napper, if and only if I'm wearing him. I don't know what I'd do without my Ergo.
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  • Week 8 was a nightmare for me... into 9 as well. This is when L started not napping as well. he is finally napping a bit better at week 12. Might be a phase, I basically was couch ridden for a while. the swing was my only saving grace during the day.
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