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Milk & gas

Hello all -

 Haven't posted in a long while because bump is sucky on my kindle but I do lurk. My DS is finally switching to milk (he hated it at first) but it seems to give him mad gas. Is that normal or signs of LI? I don't want to stop giving him the milk if it is normal so that his body can get used to it but he is so gassy. Last night, he was just screaming and woke up several times with gas. 

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Re: Milk & gas

  • DD never had issues with gas when making the switch. Did you stop the breast milk or formula cold turkey? We did 1/2 WCM and 1/2 formula bottles for about 2-3 weeks before totally going straight to WCM. Maybe this would help your LO get used to the milk? GL!
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  • We are still doing some formula until we run out. Some bottles/cups are half and half and some are just milk. Any thoughts on switching to 2% to lessen the gas?
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  • If you think it might help you, I would try it. Why not? I would just make sure baby is getting fats in other foods, which isn't hard anyway.
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  • I'm not sure about 2 percent, since most pedis recommend whole for most babies, but my doc told us to gradually introduce it -- 1 oz milk and the rest formula for a bit, etc. So maybe you can go back and do that for a while and see if that helps? We've had some gas and constipation issues when we were only mostly milk, so maybe that would help introduce it better for now?

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  • We had some diarrhea at first, but then we cut back the amount of milk we were offering at a sitting and it tapered off.  We did whole milk with vitamin D.
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  • Try organic milk. For some reason its easier to digest, give gas drops too for a while and that should help. That is what we had to do. It helped TREMENOUSLY!

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  • My LO was having some bad gas too. She also had some pretty bad BMs. I backed off of the milk and started over with formula slowly adding more milk as time went on. Also, the first time I used whole milk. I was away for Thanksgiving and thats what they had at aunts house. When I restarted the introduction I used 2% and it seemed to work much better. I am also LI and for whatever reason 2% seems to bug me less. Now that her tummy is ok with the 2% I am thinking about trying the whole milk again. Hope that helps. Good luck!
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