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Girl name help!

I had been asking my girls on the May 2013 board but I feel like I've already asked them too many times, so I thought I'd turn to y'all :)

I had our baby girl's name narrowed down to Eloise, Eleanor, or Cecelia. We finally decided on Eloise (keeping the other two just in case she didn't seem like an Eloise when she was born). I have been having doubts since making that decision though, and now I've found the name Cecily which I LOVE (better than Cecelia) and get a great "feeling" from. I guess I'm asking y'alls opinion on which name you like best, and to get some suggestions for middle names for Cecily..

Here are our current names +MN combos:

Eloise Maeve (or May)

Eleanor Rose (or Lee)

Cecily ?

For a MN for Cecily we like: Rose (too common?), Maeve, May, Eloise or Eleanor (do these work with Cecily? That would be the best of both worlds), Louise, Jane, June, Wren...feel free to make suggestions we haven't thought of!

If we have a boy in the future, his name will be Rhett Harrison, so ideally her name would go with Rhett. The last name is pronounced "New-Tie-Tiss" so with that mouthful our options are limited :)

Thanks for your help!! I am stuck. 

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Re: Girl name help!

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