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Heavy bleeding a week after d&c?

I had a d&c a week ago and for the first few days after I had mostly spotting, but yesterday and today my bleeding has gotten to be more like a heavy period. Has anyone else experienced this? I think I will be calling my ob/gyn in the morning to ask if this is normal. I'm sure every person is different, but is it normal for the bleeding to get so much heavier a week after the procedure is done? I thought it would lessen as time went on?

Re: Heavy bleeding a week after d&c?

  • I had my d&c on wednesday and no bleeding till two days ago. I've had cramping the whole time and the bleeding is like a period. I was told that as long as you aren't soaking a pad in a hour you should be good. I call the nurse today and that was what she said. I would however still call because you never know. Hope things clear up soon!
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  • I got an increase in bleeding about 5ish days after my D&C.   For me, it seems to be related to how active I am (more active = more bleeding, less active = almost no bleeding).

    It wouldn't hurt to call your doctor just to be sure. 

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  • I had the heaviest of my bleeding at exactly 7days after my D&C. It lasted a week and then the spotting came back. I wouldn't worry unless you're filling up a pad in an hr..then the dr said to call immediately. Good luck, and hang in there!!

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  • I also got an increase about 4-5 days after my d&c, followed by a day of extreme cramping and a large blood clot coming out. (Not to scare you, but I wasn't prepared for it and I wish someone had told me it was a possibility). It's not a linear process, unfortunately. 

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