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Dear all,

I am due in May 2013 and plan to go to Mount Sinai in New York City. I would like to have as little medication and intervention as possible. Can anyone who has given birth at Mount Sinai help provide any information on whether the hospital is good about respecting these choices and providing the resources necessary? 

 - Do they respect birth plans?

- Do they provide squat bars?

- Do the require IVs even if not using medication?

- Are fetal monitors long enough to stand up and walk around, etc.?

- Any experiences of being pressured to progress your labor faster (e.g. oxytocin/pitocin)?

- How good is Mount Sinai about supporting breast feeding after birth?

Thanks in advance for all your advice!


Re: Mount Sinai-New York City

  • No experience with the that particular hospital but you can probably sign up to take a tour of the hospital.  The guide will be able to answer some of these questions for you (BF, squat bar, movement while on monitor).  From the tour you will be able to gauge how natural birth friendly the hospital is in general.  Some of the other questions you listed (pressure to progress labor, IVs, checking cervic, delayed chord clamping etc) are more OB specific.  You should talk with your OB/MW to see what their policy is on these things.  You OB has a lot of control on these things and it is really their policy that the nurses carry out. GL!
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  • Hi Li,

    I am due in June and would love to hear about your experience there if you are willing to share. I plan to deliver at Mt. Sinai at this point though if it is determined that I'm extremely low risk I would consider a birthing center or other environment later on. I know that you have the option of working with your OB or a Mt. Sinai registered nurse midwife, the latter of which may be more appropriate to less medical and drug intervention. Unlike NYU and I think Weill-Cornell/NY Presbyterian they don't have a birthing center/floor where drugs and other interventions are not the starting point. As for your questions, I think a lot of it depends on your OB and whether s/he is open to these things rather than the hospital overall. The plus about Sinai is it's one of the best hospitals in the area so God forbid in case of any complications you will be in the best place possible. I am a natural-birth leaning person too but I'm leaving my options open since it's my first and I don't know what to expect. I am definitely refusing pitocin and working out the other details of my birth plan well in advance. I also plan to bring a doula along with my husband. There is evidence that doulas can help reduce unneeded interventions including rushing into C-sections without just cause. All in all remember it is your right to refuse any medication or procedure (even if it is not in your best interest) despite any pressures you may receive. I think being clear with your OB about your preferences and providing them with a copy of your birth plan and then gauging their reaction will be a great indicator or how things will go. Wishing you the best!!

    p.s. Feel free to message me if you want to chat some more! 

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  • - Do they respect birth plans?- I didn't create one but I was asked if I planned on having an EPI, I said no, and that was it. A different nurse asked if I wanted one around 9cm and I said no and that was that.

     - Do they provide squat bars?- don't know. I squatted through contractions at the foot of my bed and then on a stool leaning over the bed at the very end.

     - Do the require IVs even if not using medication?- honestly not sure. I brought this up to my OB and let it go but I don't think it is hospital poilicy. I would talk to your OB about it. I wish I pushed for not having it because it was a pain.

    - Are fetal monitors long enough to stand up and walk around, etc.? Yes but when you squat, they can come off.

    - Any experiences of being pressured to progress your labor faster (e.g. oxytocin/pitocin)?- Not at all.

    - How good is Mount Sinai about supporting breast feeding after birth?- Good. I was pleased with the bfing experience. All nurses can help. I called a nurse everytime I wanted to BF and they stayed on top of me (woke me up, kept asked when I last breastfed). I forgot to ask for the LC early enough and had guests when they had a bfing class. They did give me info and you can call the LC afterwards too. They didnt give or offer any formula.  They did give him a paci for his circumcision.

    I am happy to share more info. If you give me your email I can email you and you can ask me anything about my experience (same for anyone else going to Mt Sinai). Search my recent posts and you'll see my issue with the heart rate monitor at the hospital. I posted my birth story in June I think.

    My lo was born 5/11/2012. In the end I was happy and Natural birth was a great experience that I will be happy to repeat. Its such an empowering feeling.

    I chose Mt Sinai & my OB based on my OBs low csect rate and Mt Sinai being a Level 4 NICU and good BFing rate (and my insurance coverage).  Alot of hositals claim a high bfing rate but  I think the numbers for exclusive bfing show the real story. 

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