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Mount Sinai-Natural Birth Questions

Dear all,

I am due in May 2013 and my ObGyn is Dr. Laura Cha, affiliated with Mount Sinai. I would like to have as little medication and intervention as possible. Can anyone who has given birth at Mount Sinai help provide any information on whether the hospital is good about respecting these choices and providing the resources necessary? 

 - Do they respect birth plans?

- Do they provide squat bars?

- Has anyone had walking epidural at Mount Sinai? Are the IVs and fetal monitors long enough to stand up and walk around, etc.?

- Any experiences of being pressured to progress your labor faster (e.g. oxytocin/pitocin)?

- How good is Mount Sinai about supporting breast feeding after birth?

Thanks in advance for all your advice!


Re: Mount Sinai-Natural Birth Questions

  • Dr cha was also my ob! I had planned to have a natural birth but ended up with an epidural. I didn't give them a birth plan so can't really speak to that--I went over my preferences with Dr Cha and she knew I would ideally like a med free birth. I didn't ask for a squat bar and I don't think they have them. I don't think a walking epi is an option, but if you go med free, they let you do intermitten monitoring and walk around, etc. I had absolutely zero pressure to progress, but my labor was also very fast (9 hours start to finish). They were fab about breast feeding--we did skin to skin immediately and the nurse/my doula helped LO latch on about a half hour after he was born. I also attended breastfeeding class after delivery (although the LC was kind of an idiot, she didn't recognize that LO was tongue tied despite the fact that I had classic lipstick shaped nipples after he unlatched).

     Dr cha was great during labor--super supportive and easygoing, it was a great experience with her!!



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