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2 weeks, baby just unhappy

Anyone have a difficult baby? How are you dealing with it? DS2 is just a generally unhappy baby, doesn't sit quietly while awake ever, not a great sleeper, very fussy when nursing most of the time. A couple of times of day just cries for a couple hours, with one of these times being in the middle of the night. We suspect he may have reflux. It's so exhausting! DS1 was like this too, so I know it gets better eventually but it's just so hard when your in it. I find myself wanting to stop BF so someone else could take over feedings and also not wonder if its my diet or flow or quantity that's causing the problems.  


Just wondering if anyone else is going though it, everyone keeps saying it will pass and I know it will but you can't help but wonder when! 

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Re: 2 weeks, baby just unhappy

  • :hugs: it is hard and unfair!

    i would encourage you to keep bf b/c if it is food related it is easier to cut out of your diet than find a formula that matches LOs needs.  I would encourage you to cut dairy and at least limit soy in your diet.  I'd also try wearing your LO in a wrap or wrap style carrier and go for a walk, play some white noise and read a book, etc.  something that will make you feel better. 

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  • How long is he awake between naps? At 2 weeks old, he should be awake no more than about 30-40 minutes, which for us at that time, was enough to feed and diaper dd2.

    It seems like no awake time at all but that's what they need; sleep!

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  • My son was very fussy with BF at first.  My lactation consultant thought (mostly due to his jaundice & related issues) he wasn't able to nurse strongly enough to get enough.  She had me try using a nipple shield, to make it easier for him to nurse.  For us, it is amazing!  He nurses better, is more satisfied, and cries much less.
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  • Why not switch to formula? I went through the same thing- I hated breastfeeding and so did my little one. Now that he is a formula fed baby, he and I are MUCH happier. 

    My hubby can feed him and Im not attached to a pump all day!


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  • Kristen, I sent you a private message
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  • If you think he has reflux, why don't you take him to the pediatrician to discuss symptoms of reflux and possible meds to help? If it's reflux, none of the other suggestions are going to make things better. My LO was diagnosed with reflux last week, started on meds, and is already less fussy during the day and night. I no longer have to hold her in order for her to sleep, and she can BF without thrashing around and making noises as though she is in pain.


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  • My niece was like this.  It turned out to be acid reflux.  Once she got on medicine for it she was so much happier and cried so much less.
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