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Nurses? Going back Monday...

Well, my leave is up. I'm going back to work Monday.
I need some tips from fellow nurses working 12 hr shifts how to be selfish and get the heck off the floor?!

I've been pumping at home the times that will be easiest to get away but I last time with dd when I went back to work I found myself putting my pts first. Which, in a way should be BUT when it comes to they jut need their linens changed or a glass of water etc that stuff can wait. Our aide SUCKS and no one will ever fire her but I'm gonna have to get on her like white on rice if she doesn't do HER job so I can have a few breaks considering she gets ALL hers!!
Oh, and were still in transition of our managers which us freaking awesome. So, we only have a charge RN immediately available. No actual supervisor overlooking the daily happenings if the unit. Which Does work out in my favor because I can use the office which is right on our unit instead of the pump room across the hospital!
Sorry mini vent there... TIA!
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Re: Nurses? Going back Monday...

  • I don't have any specific advice for you but I just wanted to wish you luck! I'm also a nurse, will be pumping when I go back and I have no idea how I will do it with how busy I am. I think it's super common for us nurses to always want to put our pts first but we're just gonna have to realize that our LO's always come first so we'll do what we gotta do and everyone else will just have to deal with it! We have rights entitling us to pump plus I'm sure our boobs will probably want to explode so we'll somehow just make it work!
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  • Pump in the morning to help you keep up/build a stash.  Try to relax, look at pitures of lo, take something that smels like them, etc to help get a good let down.  I can generally pump in 8 minutes and get a 2nd let down half the time.  Pump as soon as you get to work and right before you leave.

  • I'm going to work 7p to 7a so that way most pt are asleep, that's the only tip I have, I'm not looking forward to it. And if your aid doesn't do jack, can't you ask for a different one?
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  • I'm going back Jan 7. I was an agency nurse but going back as a regular staff employee. I decided to go back as contingent so I can choose a schedule and only work 8s. I'm very nervous about how much I'm going to pump because I already have supply issues. I work in an ER and its pretty normal for us to have 100 people in the waiting room at any given time so breaks and lunch are a luxury not a given. Plus it takes me at least 1520 minutes to pump.
    I'm hoping for a lotto win between now and then. Heading out the door at 545 am with 3 kids is not sounding like a good time. And probably not a whole lot of help from DH, he's a resident with ahole attendings.
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  • I'm not worried about the actual pumping. I'm just worried about making myself make the time to pump! I have a considerable stash thankfully so that already puts me at ease

    But, I'm just gonna have to do it. After thinking About it about 15 mins before I go ill quick run in see my pts tel them I'm stepping off the floor for 15 mins and Ill see them when I return. I also carry a phone so ill bring that and they can call my extension.

    Oh and we have 4 to 5 usually 5 patients with 1 aide for the whole floor... 15pt. Unfortunately the politics in my hospital favors certain people but not ohers. idk maybe while inwas gone the interim director had a chat with her. But that's a whole different story.
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  • I go back jan 13. I work two 12 hr night shifts, 7pm to 7am, per week. Here's what I've always done with the other kids...pump or feed at 5:30pm. Pump at 9pm, pump at midnight, pump at 5am. Then I will nurse as soon as I get home, around 8am. Or, if he's already eaten, then I will pump and go to bed for 4 to 5 hours. He will get bottles while I'm sleeping.

    I work on a high risk maternity floor and all of my coworkers are women. At any given time, there are usually 3 to 4 members of our staff BFing and thus needing to pump at work. My coworkers are awesome about watching my patients. However, unless crazy stuff is going down, most of the patients sleep the majority of the night. Sometimes I have to fudge the times a bit, but I always pump three times.

    ETA. That's not super helpful, I know. Sorry! But, there are laws protecting you! You're just going to have to put your foot down with your coworkers and make time for yourself to pump. Good luck!
  • I go back the end of Jan. I'm a casual ER nurse. With DS1, I worked mostly 7am to 7pm shifts. I would feed DS before leaving home. We all get a breakfast break around 9, so I'd just take a bit longer than others and pump. I'd pump again on my lunch around 1pm and then again on an afternoon break around 4.

    I work with really supportive nurses and like others say there are frequently other bf nurses and drs that I work with. We work with one another to get it done. Plus, my hospital has a float nurse who can come down to cover breaks.

    It is tough if you have a really sick pt or something, but you just have to put yourself and your baby first.

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  • Can you get another nurse to cover for you while you pump?  A coworker always have me her phone while she pumped.  Her pts never called, so it wasn't a big deal.

    I haven't decided if I'm going to go back to work.  This is my last baby and I want to enjoy her, and bf.  if I do go back, I'll most likely work weekends, so DH can take care of the kids and dip into the freezer stash.  I am nervous about losing my supply, too:( 

  • With DD I worked part time nights, I would pump at 2100, sometimes at 0000 and at 0500. 8 hour shifts were easier, obviously. This time around I'll be working PMs and it will be much busier. I'm kinda nervous. I will also try and pump during my commute.
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