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Hypnobabies, what do you think?

I was starting to look at the hypnobabies home study course and I can't get anything to come up in the search on this board so I thought I would just ask. I was wondering what any of you thought of this if you have used it. It's about $150 on amazon right now and I'm considering it but I don't want to spend a lot of money on something that is difficult to understand or doesn't help as much as I think it will. I work a late swing shift so I will have trouble going to any actually classes because the ones around here are primarily offered in the evenings so I was looking for something I could go through with my BF at home. TIA!
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Re: Hypnobabies, what do you think?

  • I absolutely loved hypnobabies, I did the home study for the birth of my daughter and will be doing it again for this birth. It's definitely worth the $150, just be consistent in your reading, listening to the tracks every day, and practicing your light switch technique.
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  • I really liked it.  It's often on Ebay or Craigslist, and sometimes on this list, for around $80.
  • I recently purchased the home study course via craigslist, as I had read numerous positive stories of women who were SO pleased with their Hypnobabies experience. Though I haven't begun the CDs yet, I am very pleased with the materials.  The Hypnobabies site also has "Relax Me Hypnosis" and "What is Childbirth Hypnosis" MP3s that you can download from their site for free.  I listened to these first, which helped me feel good about the product before buying.

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  • It is very easy to use and the book is an easy and interesting read. I did not practice my light switch technique hardly at all so labor and delivery were definitely not pain free. I was able to remind myself to relax and I felt much more informed by doing the course though so I believe it was definitely worth it! I bought it used from another lady on here for $100.
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  • Huge, huge fan!

    As a doula, the Hypnobabies births I've attended have be as calm and as peaceful as they could possibly be.  I'll be using it the next time we have a baby, too.  

  • I bought the 2006 version used on I too wasn't sure if I was committed to it or not and DH was majorly skeptical. Well, when I had the birth of my dreams, I would have happily paid full price. Also, as our hospital bills arrived and were thousands of dollars less than my first birth with an epidural and all the extra costs that come along with it (anesthesiologist, iv, pitocin, etc. - we have sucky health insurance that left us paying nearly $10,000) I realized it was most definitely the best investment of $50 I've ever made. 

    Definitely look around for a used version if you want. The hypnosis for childbirth forum at BabyCenter is also a great place for more info and to find people selling their Hypnobabies material. 

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