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Mobile and diaper pail..

Hello all! 

 We are finishing up our nursery and was curious if I need a mobile for the crib.... They are super cute, but I wasn't sure if they are something I really need. 

 Also-anyone use a munchkin diaper pail? We are looking at those. Any thoughts? 

Re: Mobile and diaper pail..

  • No need to buy a mobile. I don't have a diaper pail so can't help you with that question.
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  • DS never paid attention to his mobile. We do have a diaper pail but its a diaper genie. I can't imagine not having it. 
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  • We used the mobile over the changing table to keep him interested, but really they are pretty useless.  Once they care about them, you are supposed to remove them because they can grab them and yank them down...

    I think we have a Munchkin pail.  I'm not sure if there are different kinds though.  Ours just has a pop up lid and uses a regular trash bag.  The lid has a place for a deodorizer to go in it too.  That part fell off in the pail one day though, and we totally did not retrieve it.  :)  I like that ours uses a regular bag and it works pretty well as long as you empty it on a regular basis.  We empty it about every other day or else it starts to smell funny.  Really, a trash can with a lid probably would have done the same job though. 

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  • We just got a trash can with a lid
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  • We love our diaper genie and will be buying a new one for DD room (DS is under two and not out of diapers yet). The mobile was a waste of money on our part because DS never cared about it.
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  • image drpayne:
    DS never paid attention to his mobile. We do have a diaper pale but its a diaper genie. I can't imagine not having it.nbsp;

    This exactly.


  • I only ever used the mobile if the kids were awake and I needed to take a shower real quick... they liked the music more than watching it go around though. Once they got big enough, the bouncer and swing worked much better!

    As for a diaper pail we had a diaper champ (I think) for DD at first, threw it away within 6 months because no matter what we did it just reaked. Then we bought an arm and hammer pail and used it for both kids - that one lasted a little over a year. Once DS got old enough that his poops were more solid (sorry, tmi) I just flushed that part so my trash wouldn't smell - our trash goes out every night now where we live, so it's NBD. I'm contemplating another diaper pail for this LO just so I don't have to dispose of 8million little plastic bags, as well as diapers, but still haven't decided.

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  • You don't NEED a mobile, but I actually found mine helpful.  It was the only way that I could go poop alone without a crying baby in the background for the first few weeks.  I was really grateful for it on several occasions!  :)  

    As for a diaper pail-we never used one.  We just had a little trash can that I put grocery bags in and we emptied it every day.  Poop diapers went into the kitchen trash that had a lid (we bf'd so they really didn't stink much).  Both trashes got taken out every day basically.   


  • with my DD#1 I didn't do the mobile, but after I had her one of the flower arrangements given to me in the hospital had a butterfly made out of feathers. I thought it to be cute and was going to keep it for her. After a week I caught her noticing it and made it into a mobile. She really liked it!! I was thinking to do the same with this LO. But waiting to see what will catch her attention. Why waste the money if she's not going to be interested in it? This way it will be something special in the future.
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  • ::lurking from 1st tri::

    We never used a diaper pail and still don't.  The "diaper sausage" icks me out.  I just change DS and immediately threw it in our utility room trash can near the garage (is emptied daily).  I don't care how awesome a product is..I don't want pee and poop hanging out in a pail anywhere in my house for more than a day.  Sure its a pain being on the 2nd floor and walking it down to the main floor, but maybe thats why i lost the baby weight so quickly?  

    We got a Fisher Price "Precious Planet Projector and Mobile" as a gift and it is awesome.  We had to take the mobile part off DS started standing in the crib, but he still loves the projector images on the ceiling.  I turn it on when I put him down for bed and if he isn't a sleep by the time it shuts off (15 min?) he pushes the button to restart it. 


     DS1 8/2011. DS2 8/2013.

  • I would say that they both aren't things you have to have but are good to have. This is my first pregnancy and I love mobiles and can't imagine putting baby down without music playing for him. I am getting a diaper genie and all my friends with kids said they loved it. 

  • Our mobile came with our bedding set. I don't think I would have bought one seperately. We also have the Ocean Wonders Aquarium and all my friends with kids loved that and said their kids would even wake up crying, push the button to turn it on and go back to sleep on their own.
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  • Yeah, the mobile is not necessary, but you can always get one later if you think your LO would enjoy it. 

    As for a diaper pail, you will want something.  We have had both kinds, and I prefer the plain flip top one that uses a regular bag.  In any case, you just need a poo holder with a lid.    


  • The mobile was a waste of money for us.  WHen he was safely able to have it in there - he was in our room in a bassinet.  Once we put him in his crib, we had to take it out for safety reasons.  Looking back, I definitely didn't need it at all.  We didn't get one this time.

    I think all diaper pails are a waste of money.  THey all stink :)  Best solution is to just put a bag in a regular can and sprinkle some baking soda in there to absorb the odors - take it out daily and put it in the can in your garage or whatever.

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  • I'm not sure a mobile is necessary, but I love the munchkin diaper pail. We only put stinky diapers in it. We put wet diapers in the regular trash can.
  • I had a mobile with my first son and it was a waste of money. It never played for long enough and he wasn't interested in it. We're skipping that this time around.

    As for the diapers...we had the diaper champ and I loved it. I sprayed the inside with Lysol every time I changed the regular trash bag and it never smelled. I used it for over 3 years. This time around we got the BRU one which is a similar concept with regular bags. I cannot speak to how well it works yet.
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  • I'm only going to have a mobile in baby's room because I started making one a few months ago. I had put it away for a while, but decided to finish it because I think it'll be pretty. I don't feel like it's something I actually need though. More just for decor.

    I'm going to be cloth diapering my daughter, so I need a diaper pail or wet bag. I'm thinking of getting an inexpensive trash can and lining it with something waterproof/washable/reusable. I know they make diaper pail liners for cloth diapers, but I'd have to order it online and I just want to check what may be available in a store first.   

  • I had a diaper champ with DD because you could use regular trash bags with it, I bought the Munchkin one for this little guy from watching this video- we'll see...


    As far as mobiles go, I had the matching one for DD and though it was REALLY cute, but for DS I'm going to get a battery operated one that has better sensory items (colors he can recognize)- probably a Tiny Love one.   

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  • I'll go against the tide here. I have the munchkin pail and love it. Just got another for baby #2.  Contains the stink very well.  I supplement the regular baking soda dispenser with a few of their nursery fresheners for toddler poop but for BF/formula poop, nothing extra needed.

    I'm also a big mobile fan.  If you get the kind that hangs from the ceiling (and you have sufficient ceiling height) rather than the kind that hangs off the side of the crib, its very easy to adjust the height so that baby can't reach it.  My toddler still likes to watch his plane mobile.  Its a nice winddown/distraction at bedtime.

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  • image anneimal98:

    I'm also a big mobile fan.  If you get the kind that hangs from the ceiling (and you have sufficient ceiling height) rather than the kind that hangs off the side of the crib, its very easy to adjust the height so that baby can't reach it.  My toddler still likes to watch his plane mobile.  Its a nice winddown/distraction at bedtime.

    Good to know that a mobile helps baby. It's so easy to think they're mostly just for decoration. (This is my first.) I plan on hanging mine from the ceiling, too. Hopefully, the one I'm making will affect my baby girl the same way yours did your son! 

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