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severe breast pain!

I just posted this on BFing but thought I'd post here too since it's my home board.

DD slept 9.5 hours last night (as did I!) But I was engorged and it was very painful on the left side so I nursed her there.  I've nursed her twice now since 7:30 and it still is excruciatingly painful!! I don't have a temp and there are no streaks or anything it just hurts really bad.  It hurts not moving a little but as soon as you rub up against it or touch it in any way it hurts really really bad! I'm not feeling a lump or anything at this point.  the boob itself feels pretty floppy though I think she could feed off of it some more...I'm afraid to use the pump b/c it makes my boobs hurt (not nipples but boobs!)  I've also taken a long hot shower, tried massage...nothing if anything it's taken over half of the boobie!! Help!! Trying to find the LC number right now...

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Re: severe breast pain!

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