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Finishing baby's room?

When did you (do you plan to) have baby's room done?  Things down to having the curtains hung, sheets on the bed, diaper pail put together, decorations on the wall...?

I'm a planner and like having stuff done early.  My furniture has come in but I'm still dragging my feet taking care of the details just because it feels too early.  It took me forever to get pregnant and i've had a couple of bumps along the way with this pregnancy (even though my pregnancy seems to be fine now). So I often feel nervous about finishing things up too early.

 What was good timing for you? 

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Re: Finishing baby's room?

  • The earlier the better I say, since you'll feel better earlier in the pregnancy than towards the end of your third trimester. We still have a few finishing touches but things got slowed down since we had to move our mattress, selves, and dogs into our room since our roof is leaking over our own bedroom.  
  • mine still isnt done, not even close. I plan on getting everything done next weekend.

  • We have been completely done since week 25.  But I am a huge planner, and hate leaving things til the last minute.

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  • I'm 32 weeks, and I don't plan on finishing it until after Christmas for sure. We have everything but its still in boxes and unorganized. We will probably finish it right before my due date.



  • do it now...you'll be so sore and tired near the end you will just want to wash and fold baby clothes by then anyway. 

    i wish we had finished earlier! i still don't have a few things that i obviously don't feel like shopping for now!

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  • Mines been basically done for months, I just finished up after my shower last week. Do it now because you will not feel like doing it when you get to month 9 lol
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  • Everything is done and has been since about 32 weeks.
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  • Our furniture is in and set up, baby's clothes up to 6mo have been washed and hung, all plush items have been drycleaned, 1pk of NB diapers and a pack of wipes are stashed in the changing table... the nursery is fully functional, but there are some things we still want to do such as:

    Install a cordless Roman shade, in addition to the curtains we already have hanging.

    Hang floating shelves for decorations and books.

    Cover all outlets and install cabinet locks.

    Buy a chair cover for the nursery chair.

    Hang new folding closet doors.

    Finish setting up the bathroom w/ LO's supplies.
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  • I'm 35 weeks and doing the finishing touches next week. Get it done when you have the energy to do it.
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  • My first baby is almost 2 - and his room still needs baseboards painted, blinds ordered and installed, curtains made and art/decorations hung on the wall.  We are hoping to have it done before #2 arrives - but we'll see  Sometimes life just gets away from you.  I say finish it now if you're ready, and have the time and energy to do it.
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  • I set up the "baby station" in our room about 3 weeks ago.  

    We plan to have the baby in our room for the first few months, so doing the nursery was low priority for us. In fact, we only decided this week (we're being induced this weekend) to move the desk out of the room and dedicate it to being a full nursery instead of an office with a crib.

    We've had the crib up for a while, but my DH built the changing table and moved the dresser in today and yesterday.

    I always thought I'd be create the most beautiful, perfect nursery for my baby (I spent way too many hours dreaming about before I was pregnant!), but when we found out we were unexpectedly expecting, we had to give up a lot of luxuries like that because of time, budget, living situation, etc. I'm totally OK with our decision, but you better believe when the time comes and we are able to buy our own house, my daughter's room is going to be fit for a princess! 


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  • I'm pretty much finished everything.  I just need to wash clothes, sheets, etc.
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  • I didn't think our nusery was ever going to even get built out if our existing lift space. I finally found the right contractor and he had it finished last week Tuesday. My parents were excited and came out Thursday to help with the painting. We ended up putting the furniture in on Saturday. Just yesterday I put up some cure decorations. I can't believe it all happened but we're officially ready now. Definitely get it done when you can...you never know what could happen!
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  • I'm 30.5 weeks and still procrastinating. I keep telling myself I'll get it started on my next day off, but I'm just so tired all the time and working full time doesn't help!! Send me a fairy godmother!!!!! Please!!!
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  • We finished the big stuff when I was about 30weeks...I spent the next 6 weeks washing clothes, putting up toys/stuffed animals, and generally organizing...then reorganzing over and over again :). The only thing left to do is put something over the windows...we are having trouble agreeing on what to do :) 
  • Almost donenthe babies room

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  • image breannep:
    My first baby is almost 2 - and his room still needs baseboards painted, blinds ordered and installed, curtains made and art/decorations hung on the wall.  We are hoping to have it done before #2 arrives - but we'll see  Sometimes life just gets away from you.  I say finish it now if you're ready, and have the time and energy to do it.

    Seriously! DD will be 2 1/2 when DS is born, and they have to share a room.  We sent her to her grandparents for the weekend so that we could rearrange the bedroom to fit her twin bed in.  DH is also hanging shelves and putting up some decorations...they have been sitting in our room taking up space, some since her birth!  The best time to get that stuff done is when she is sleeping, and of course then we can't because she is in her room. Do whatever you can now!!!

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  • We just finished ours yesterday. I still would like to hang up some more of his clothes & my fiance will be installing the carseat tomorrow. It feels good to have it done now. Get it ready whenever you feel like it, even if you think its too early-at least you will have it done & not have to worry about it!


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  • With my daughter I had 95% of it done before she was born and although I was glad I got it done before having a baby I also laughed a lot about how much stress I let it cause me when she didn't even sleep in there for the first 8/9 months of her life. With this baby we know they will be in our room for awhile so I honestly don't plan on doing any nursery planning until they are here (we are also team green this time so that's playing into our decision as well). 
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