Formula supplementing--help

My DS was born 3.5 wks ago and weighed in at 9lb 11oz.  He dropped to 8.15 at his first doc visit and by 2wks he only gained back half the weight.  I had issues bfing at first but saw a LC and that helped a lot.  At our doc appt last week they told us to supplment with formula.  Begrudgingly I did until his doc appt this week where he weighed 10.2lbs.  I was so happy to go back to just BFing.  However DS was not.  I feel like now i just don't produce enough milk for him.  He feeds for 45 min and still wants more almost every hour.  I check after he gets fussy and I can't even express any milk on either side.  So we revert to giving him formula.  Any advice on how to get more milk and get away from the formula?

Re: Formula supplementing--help

  • You need to pump any time that LO gets formula to signal your body to keep making more milk.  Ideally, you should rent a hospital grade pump. Pumping for 5-10 minutes after every feeding should also help.  Fenugreek, oatmeal, mother's milk tea, etc can also help increase supply...but it sounds like you supplemented without signalling your body to make more milk, so increasing demand is the most important thing.
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  • I am nursing and pumping during the day and feeding one formula bottle at night... I also needed to add some formula for LOs weight issues and the formula has really helped.  I decided to do it at night because it usually makes him sleep a bit longer, but I pump as soon as I wake up (before him - if he wakes me up I just nurse him).  As PP listed, I am eating steel cut oatmeal to increase supply, I haven't taken Fenugreek because it didn't help much with my last two kids and you have to take a ton of it.  I do plan on getting some of the tea, it did help last time and I have a bad cold/cough and decided to take some meds just for today... so I'm sure my supply will dip a bit.  When in doubt, pump whenever you get the chance to keep up supply.  GL

  • At this age, it's pretty common for him to want to breastfeed this much. I would keep breastfeeding him as often as he wants. Herbs help alot too. I've been using a tea called Breastea and it works great. Just do a web search for it. Make sure to use it everyday. Make sure that you are eating well and drinking plenty of fluids. I always keep some juice or water next to me when breastfeeding. Gatorade too. This will help to replenish your supply while baby is breastfeeding. Keep taking your prenatal vitamin as well. I believe if you do these things you'll start to see a difference soon.
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