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Getting in shape PP

What are you ladies planning on doing for getting back in shape after delivery? I plan on getting a gym membership again (once i get clearance from my OB) & am thinking about some fitness DVDs that I could do at home if there's down time when baby's sleeping or whatever. Anyone have any DVDs they'd recommend?

Of course all of this is assuming I'll even have the energy to work out:)  

Re: Getting in shape PP

  • Yoga booty ballet... but only if you like to dance.
  • Breastfeeding . . . And done :

    Luckily with both of my previous pregnancies the weight just fell off from breastfeeding. I assume it will be the same this time.

    As for getting back in shape rather than just losing weight, I was never a gymgoer so I really don't plan on doing that. I am pretty active with the kids so that is it for me. One day maybe I will get into some sort of fitness routine, but definitely not while I have little kids to run after constantly.
  • Not having time to eat is what is helping me! I lost 25lbs since last Monday..... I have no appetite in comparison to when I was preggo and have no time to make food or eat so that pretty much has been my plan! lol....... I want to start walking more with her but am taking it easy for these first couple weeks. It helps that I live in FL so we can get outside and just do some walking to get moving.



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  • I gained 38lbs during pregnancy... LO is now 11 days old and I've already lost 25 lbs.  

    I eat fairly well (oatmeal or cereal with fruit for breakfast, leftovers or a turkey sandwich, fruit and yogurt for lunch, a serving of whatever DH makes for dinner, and usually a granola bar, trail mix, or fruit for snacks).  

    Me and LO also take the dog for a 30 minute walk every day (I think I started doing this when she was 4 days old) and I wear her instead of pushing a stroller (maybe her added weight counts as some resistance training haha).

    I also breastfeed exclusively.

    I have some fitness DVDs I could do when I have a bit more energy... But since the weight seems to be falling off I'm just gonna ride it out for now :) I'm already worried about the added cost of her on my health insurance + daycare, so unfortunately the gym membership won't be an option any time soon...


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  • With my last two pregnancies the weight came off just from breastfeeding.  I'm hoping that will work this time too!  Plus I still have the two other kids to chase around for exercise ;-)
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  • I am BF, which helped a ton last time and is this time too. I have a DVD from Jillian Michaels called 30 day shred that love. As soon as I get clearance at my 6 week check up I plan to start it. I also want to start jogging again b/c it's a total stress releiver for me. FWIW, I gained 29lbs with DS and list 30 by 6 weeks, but my body still needed help. I gained 26lbs with DD and have lost 17 already, but can tell my body is in need if much help once again.
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  • I am hoping to walk the mall early a few times a week until we move back to Africa in late Feb. There is Zumba 4 evenings a week there, so once there that will be my "me time" when hubby gets home from work! I also may do Weight Watchers until we move. I did it years ago and had a lot success. Seems like a lot of this weight is actually the baby itself since they are thinking it is nearly 9 lbs already!!
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  • This is all very encouraging to hear the weight comes off so easily while BFing! I haven't gained excessive weight (35 lbs) so hopefully I'll have a similar experience. I'm sure I'll still need to work to get things toned up again though. Haven't been this "soft" in years..or maybe ever! Looking forward to having muscle tone again.
  • I lost 50lbs without doing anything last time but BFing.
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  • I'm going to start doing my exercise classes again.. body pump, running, and zumba! Can't wait to start exercising again.
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  • i breastfed my boys and the weight came off, but of course that doesn't tone you.

    i took lots of walks and hope to again, i also used to do the 30-day shred while my babies napped- it is short enough to usually squeeze it in.

    don't expect to get to the gym right away- it takes time to get a schedule and the energy to do it. 

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  • Breastfeeding
    Bikram Yoga hot yoga
    Spin class!!

  • Meh. I've lost almost 20lbs in 4 days so I'm hopeful that weight will continue to come off with breast feeding. I do have to do something because my abdominal muscles are separated and I need to try to repair them. I'm not on for exercise though. DH is major into it so I might get on him to bug me.

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  • I'm planning on giving myself a long time to lose the baby weight so that I don't get discouraged. I'll probably just use our Wii Fit game and try some fitness DVDs. You should look for DVDs at your public library. You can try them out and see what you like before you buy them.
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  • I'm already back to my prepreg weight but I have a major pooch so I will need to do a lot of ab/core working out!
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  • Breastfeeding and eventually running.

    The guys in my office all run 5k's together and my husband is one of them. We all bought team shirts in September with our call (badge #). We bought a jogging stroller so I could start off slow with the baby and my goal is to run my first 5k in May with the baby in my team shirt.

    My husband is a gymbuff. He's not huge by any means but he's very health conscious and lifts weights every day and runs every other day. He's done P90X but promised me we he would do it again with me. We used to just do the ab ripper x and I had me a cute little definition line going on. 

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  • My doctor said no gym for 6 months! I had to have a c section and am so bummed because working out keeps me sane! I will restart insanity when I can, but until then light yoga and Pilates. I'm pretty sure there are some mama and baby yoga DVDs.  The  majority of my weight is already gone...  Think the rest is all in the form of boob. 
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