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So had my first Ultrasound today - I was nervous but prayed really hard before the scan. I calmed myself down by finding comfort in the fact that I should be grateful for this blessing & that if anything should go wrong then it was meant to be and part of the plan G-d has for me.

Was so glad when we heard and saw the heartbeat. This is such a miracle. The lil jelly bean kept wriggling - such a beautiful miracle. I was teary throughout the scan - happy tears and was overjoyed when the doc told me everything is normal & on track. 

Hubby was emotional too.....but made the doc and i really laugh when he  said that jellybean looked bored in his/her home as there was nothing to do in there. 




  • such a great feeling it is. always wonderful to hear the hb and know that everything is fine.

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  • how sweet!

    Mine is tomorrow, I'm praying everything is fine, since my pregnancy has no symptoms, besides sore boobs, tiredness and lately one heck of a pregnant brain. and also I confess I'm paranoid cuz my 1st pregnancy ended up in mc I'm terrified...

    but I made it so far, I'm sure deep inside that everything is OK.


    My Angel went back to the Arms of God at 8w2d on Oct. 23rd 2010... Got Positive PT on Oct 12 2012! Doing my Best to make it work this 2nd chance I was Given. Thx God!! BabyFetus Ticker
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    Makes my dreams come true everyday!
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