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Diarrhea, maybe

I think maybe my baby has diarrhea, not sure though. How do I tell? He's breastfed, so his poop is always on the runny side. It has been green for the last week or so.

In addition to that, at what point should I take him to the doctor if he does? Everything else seems fine, he just has a little bit of a cough. He's still eating well and has plenty of wet diapers. He has been sleeping more than usual, but I think he's in a growth spurt.

He was sick last week and just finished up a round of antibiotics on Sunday the 9th. He has his 4 month doctor coming up on Wednesday the 19th. 

Re: Diarrhea, maybe

  • I have no advice... I just wanted to comment that I read the title to the tune of Carly Rae Jepson's "Call Me Maybe" song

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  • No fever? fussiness? Any change in how often he's got a poopy diaper? He sounds ok with everything you described. Could be the antibiotics.. I would probably just monitor it & make sure it doesnt get any worse or nothing else changes. & just mention it at your appt..
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  • Our LO was on an antibiotic recently and it gave her some extra runny more frequent poos. It took a good 5 days of being done with it for that to clear up.


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