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drowsy but awake

I keep reading that I should be putting lo down 'drowsy but awake' so she learns to fall asleep by herself. Is anyone really doing this already? I feel like she's nowhere near being able to put herself to sleep yet. But maybe I'm wrong and I should try. I did try briefly this morning, since she goes down easiest for the morning nap - and she just started crying and it took 3 times as long to get her down. I wonder if other mom's are having success with this.

Btw, 'drowsy but awake' is what I've been for the past two months ;) 

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Re: drowsy but awake

  • I do this for her first MOTN feed. Technically its not middle of the night, but like 4ish. She's super drowsy and I lay her down give her a paci.
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  • I do. I usually nurse him then put him in the crib, slightly awake, and give him the paci.

    For naps, I swaddle, put in swing and give paci. He's usually got within 5 min. 


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  • I usually try to put him down before he falls asleep....but if he falls asleep when he's eating and doesn't wake up when I burp him, I don't wake him up before I put him down.

    I also don't pick him up if he is just barely fussing so he can learn to go back to asleep himself. If he cries, I pick him up.
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  • My LO has been very colicky so I will wait till it passes before doing this, but yes I eventually will when we get his tummy issues straightened out. If I had a happier baby I would definitely start early.
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  • image meganole25:

    I do. I usually nurse him then put him in the crib, slightly awake, and give him the paci.

    For naps, I swaddle, put in swing and give paci. He's usually got within 5 min. 

    I do this also. Sometimes I need to rock him a little bit to relax him, but usually when he starts yawning I lay him down, and pat his back for a minute and he goes to sleep on his own. I also let him fuss a little and only pick him up if he cries.
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  • I do after MOTN feedings but not for naps because he almost always naps in the Ergo and usually not at bedtime because he always seems to fall asleep nursing. Sometimes he'll wake up a little when I put him down at bedtime, and I will give him the paci and try to soothe him without picking him up, and this seems to work. We had a harder time doing it with DS1 because he wouldn't take a paci.
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  • We weren't doing it for a long time (like the first five weeks)--we were rocking her to sleep.  But I hated doing that because I knew she needed to learn to go down on her own.  Plus, I wanted to go to sleep too!  So now I just put her down after nursing at night.  She sometimes fusses and sometimes cries.  I don't let her cry it out, necessarily, but I also don't go to her right away.  I'll let her cry for about five minutes.  If she doesn't quiet herself down or go to sleep, I'll pick her up and soothe her and then put her back down.

    For middle of the night, she's very good at going right back to sleep.  I nurse her and put her in her crib right away.  She almost always falls immediately back to sleep. 

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  • I'm trying to put him in his crib tonight and let him fall asleep. He was out cold til I set him down and now he's awake but just laying there. Not sure how long I should keep him just laying in there and awake.. How long would you all? Not crying or fussing at all, just relaxing.
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