moms still pumping, please help!

I have been successful at bf'ing my lo thus far, but the last few days she is REJECTING the boob! (she is 10.5 months) I don't understand :( She'll take a bottle just fine. However, I can only pump about half of what she actually wants in a day, though when she nurses she seems to be completely satisfied. So I believe that I am just not getting as much with the pump as she would get. I have a stash of frozen, but not much.

 Basically the only time she will let me nurse her is first thing in the morning... So my question is for those of you who are still pumping do you have any tricks to get more milk while pumping??? I pumped this mid morning feeding and got an ounce and a half :( So i supplemented with frozen. If I can't up my supply we're gonna have to be switching to WCM a little early... which is ok, I just hate to give it up if there's something I haven't tried! TIA

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Re: moms still pumping, please help!

  • Hang in there! I've read recently about a few tricks some moms will get LO to nurse right after a nap. You might be able to catch them when waking up and nurse then or at night/ right before bed. Hopefully things will change shortly for you and LO!
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  • Make sure you're completly relaxed while pumping and not thinking about the milk.  I often worked through my pumping sessions and it helped keep me from worrying.  Also, can you look at pictures or videos of LO while pumping?  A lot of women have great responses to emotional connections. Finally, make sure you're pumping for 20 minutes as most people will get a second let down and that's where at least half of my milk came from!

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  • Have you checked your pump parts? Do the membranes need replacing? Are there any cracks in the tubes? Try breast compressions while pumping. Are you eating oatmeal? Have you tried lactation cookies? What about a good dark beer? Those are more for supply than pump response, but it still might help. Can you pump one side while BFing LO on the other?
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  • good stuff! thank you ladies!!!
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    Eliza born 1-25-12
    Baby 2 EDD 7-18-14
  • Honestly it sounds like baby might be teething. You might want to try something all natural to help relieve the symptoms. Doctors are against using the gel that numbs the gums, but the homeopathic stuff really helps! Have you tried any herbs to get your milk supply increased? Herbs are the only thing that has helped me. There is a tea and a tincture that has worked well for me at you might want to try something like that for awhile.
  • Dangle pump. It sounds crazy, but stand up, and just lean over (like you're taking a bow). My LC told me to do this when I had mastitis to make sure my breasts were completely emptied and I usually get at least an extra ounce. Also, do breast compressions while you pump, pump after a warm shower, and drink TONS of water.
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